No less than 3 places were used as the fictional village 'Badgers Drift' in the episode 'The Killings at Badger's Drift!

The Lee, Buckinghamshire.
Little Missenden, Buckinghamshire.
Bledlow, Buckinghamshire.



In 'Death's Shadow' Bledlow Church's own resident organist was used during the filming of the funeral service.



The Buckinghamshire village, 'The Lee', seen in several episodes, has also been used as a location for the 'Mrs. Bradley Mysteries' starring Diana Rigg.



Noise has been a continual problem during the filming of the series, especially from overhead planes, chain saws, boats and lawnmowers!



Aldbury, one of the villages used in 'Written in Blood' was also the scene for the Avengers episode 'Murdersville'!



The French named estate agents 'Beauvoisin' seen in 'Dead Man's 11' means 'beautiful neighbour'!



John Nettles was recently featured in an edition of the Marks & Spencer magazine modelling their clothes. Barnaby also seems to be a fan as he mentions that he usually buys his suits from M&S in 'Blood Will Out'.



Villagers are asked not to peer out of their windows when filming is in progress.



'The Lee' is best known for its connection with the Liberty family - founders of the 'Liberty' store in Regent Street, London. Sir Arthur Liberty, as Lord of the Manor, did much to improve the village at the turn of the century. His descendants still live there.



John Nettles and Jane Wymark have acted together in the past!
They were both in the film 'All Men are Mortal'.



The French Chateau restaurant that Barnaby and his family dine at in 'Death of a Stranger' is actually one of the Rothchild's stately homes in England, Waddesdon Manor!



One lot of shooting at a village pub was severely disrupted by a goose! The pub had a pond behind it with lots of water fowl and one goose in particular felt the need to start honking every time the camera rolled. Two of the production crew had to take a packet of bread and tempt it away.



In Judgement Day when the gardening expert is shown filming his TV show, the crew in the background are actually the real Midsomer Murders production crew, including the director who was hunched over his monitor.



Scary Spice was married in the church in the village of 'Little Marlow' used in the episode 'Faithful Unto Death'.



John Nettles and Daniel Casey have to wear thermal underwear under their lightweight suits when filming in the winter to ensure they don't shiver. They also have to suck ice cubes so their breath doesn't steam in the freezing air! When the ground gets too muddy the actors wear wellingtons and they are only filmed above the waist.



Each episode costs around £1.3 million to make.



During the filming wrap up party for series 5 the art director played the piano, one of the drivers played guitar, a crew member played the drums and John and Daniel decided to entertain everyone by singing!!



Rain isn't much of a problem for the crew as it has to be really torrential before it shows up on the screen. However, when a scene actually needs rain it has to be faked. Water is pumped through overhanging tubes and then blasted out of a fan to produce giant tropical-style raindrops!



As Filming at 'The Eight Bells' pub in Long Crendon for 'A Tale of Two Hamlets' took longer than expected, the landlord also had to let customers into the bar. They were told to keep extremely quiet during a take. One customer was even asked to stop eating his crisps as his munching sounds were being picked up by the microphones!



The 'Bull & Butcher' pub in Turville, Buckinghamshire now has a rather tempting Midsomer Burger on its menu, to go with a dish of Dibley Pudding and, another old favourite, 'Chitty Chitty Bangers & Mash! There is also a photo of John Nettles & John Hopkins with a couple members of the staff in the bar.
with thanks to Tim H.J. for this info.



Anthony Horowitz's son, Cassian, makes a couple of cameo appearances in 'Judgement Day'. He is the boy with short blonde hair who is at the vet with his dog which is being looked at by the character Gordon Brierley and is also in the front row of the children's band, playing a violin, at the Judgement Day festival when the poisoning occurs.
with thanks to Chris S. for this info.



Freddie Jones who played Benbow in 'The Maid in Splendour' is the real life
father of Toby Jones who has played the pathologist Dan Paterson in a few 'Midsomer' episodes.
with thanks to Alex for this info.



The site used for Police Headquarters in the new Series 8 was recently used to film another programme called 'Bombshell'. One day the MM crew turned up to find tanks and army vehicles parked outside!

Shortly after this an explosion had been filmed by the 'Bombshell' crew, leaving a fete scene in total devastation, right next to where Barnaby usually parks his car! Needless to say no MM outdoor scenes were able to be filmed that day.



It is rather ironic that of all the churches in the U.K, Remenham which was used in 'Country Matters' would be the last to have a trendy female vicar. It has one of the Highest of High Anglican congregations in the area. The white cross in the graveyard (which looked so out of place) would not be seen within a million miles.
with thanks to Tim H.J. for this info.