Lynton Pargeter - Paul Jesson

Lynton is the last of the Pargeters who have owned The Priory for over 200 years. He's something of a charmer, but his antiques business is failing to offset his overdraft.


Cyrus Levanu - Jeroen Krabbé

A self-professed psychic, Cyrus is author of several books, veteran of TV shows and believes his own publicity. He was a bit of a hippy in his youth when the crystals and psychic powers business began.


Rev Wallace Stone - Anton Lesser

Rev Stone is a pompous clergyman who sees himself as the spiritual arbiter and moral lodestone of Bow Clayton. He's prim and distressingly proper, causing problems with his wife. The appearance of Cyrus Levanu on his patch is like a red rag to a bull.


Sarah Stone - Victoria Wicks

Sarah has been married to Stone for 12 lean years and realised quickly it was a mistake. She's been having an affair with someone in the village which she hopes will be a step to a new life.


Sam Nelms - Bill Ward

Sam is the local postman - a bright guy from a poor background who's somewhat light-fingered and doesn't take life too seriously.


John Temple - Paul Greenwood

Temple is rumpled, divorced and likes a drink. He runs Temple Antiques and has been in the business a long time. He knows his stuff and isn't averse to a bit of 'black' trading.


Dr Mary McKay - Anne Lambton

Dr McKay is the resident behavioural psychiatrist at The Pines, a local psychiatric clinic. She's unconventional, looks it, and believes in unconventional methods.


Stanley and Nesta Goodfellow - Richard Graham and Elizabeth Payne

Stanley is the gamekeeper and odd-job man of The Priory. He knows every inch of the countryside around Bow Clayton. All is not happy between him and his wife Nesta.


Colin and Molly Thomas - Brian Parr and Sarah Huntley

Colin is the manager of a woodyard near Bow Clayton. He and Molly are in their 40s.