NOAH HUNTLEY plays Aiden Hardy

Noah Huntley drew on his swordfighting skills to play fencing instructor Aiden Hardy.


"I've had a lot of sword practice for a short film I did and I've also done knights on horseback so I used that to play Aiden. It's quite an old sport and there is a sense of danger around fencers, they are fast and deadly with a foil in their hand.


"There was a Bond film where the baddie is a fencer and Toby Stephens plays it with such compelling arrogance and he's passionate and aggressive, and I based my character a bit on that.


"I am not an expert fencer, just an actor, but I needed to show I was good enough to teach fencing. So I took the coaching we were given seriously, and all the focus and concentration might appear a bit arrogant but I am just trying to get into the role."


Adds Noah: "Traditional fencing outfits are all white, but we managed to get all black gear. It was great to get into it, even though it's not the most attractive attire."


Noah's character Aiden is having an affair with his pupil, Eleanor Preston (Claudia Harrison).


"He's a romantic but he gets caught up with the wrong woman because he aspires to her and her social standing. But she's a posh snob and he becomes a broken man as the story unfolds. There is a murder and he becomes a potential suspect."


The role is Noah's second appearance in the series. I was in "Who Killed Cock Robin" about nine years ago playing a dark, moody character whose mother was a murder suspect. I'd also worked with Neil Dudgeon when I was about 17 so there was an element of coming home. The series has old school values and it was a really pleasurable experience."


Noah began his career as a child actor and has appeared in roles ranging from Emmerdale and Holby City to the feature film 28 Days Later. He has recently returned to the UK from a three-year stint in Los Angeles.


Noah's other credits include Moonacre, True Blue, Dream Team, The Mists of Avalon, I Shouldn't Be Alive, The Summit, A&E and new adventure comedy movie Your Highness.