Colonel Henry Hammond - Donald Sinden
Octogenarian Henry Hammond is bluff and irascible. The son of World War One officer Duggie, Henry commanded the Midsomer Yeomanry and is proud of his family's military credentials. He now gets around in a smart electric wheelchair.


Johnny Hammond - Malcolm Sinclair
Johnny leads a wartime re-enactment group in Midsomer but he lacks his father Henry's moral fibre. He hates the Hicks family and has little interest in his wife.


Arabella Hammond - Samantha Bond
Bella is a beautiful, middle-aged woman but she tends to live in a hazy parallel universe, thanks to a reliance on tranquilisers.


Sophie Hammond - Charlotte Lucas
Sensuous Sophie has no time for the long-standing feud between her parents and the Hicks family. Although she stands to inherit a trust, she has a job as a social worker.


Kate Hammond - Charlie Covell
Sophie's sister Kate is sexually-confused, wearing men's suits, and refuses to get a job. She's always angry and needing cash for her horses.


Lionel Hicks - George Cole
A wizened, wheelchair-bound but kindly granddad whose father Tommy was shot at the Somme for cowardice by Duggie Hammond, starting a 90-year family feud. He's delighted when Tommy's name is finally added to the Midsomer war memorial.


Dave Hicks - Brian Capron
Lionel's son and mayor of Causton. Dave is a spiv, not above using his influence on the council to further his dodgy property deals, including building a vulgar new home.


Judy Hicks - Gemma Craven
Judy is Dave's loud and vehement wife who dresses in dangerous heels and alarming colours. She hates the country squire lifestyle and suspects her husband is unfaithful.


Danny Hicks - Grant Ibbs
A thuggish clone of his father, Danny is none-too-bright and enjoys boozing. He is happy to fall in with Dave's property scams.


Will Hicks - Tom Harper
Unlike the rest of his family, Dave's son Will is good natured and charming. He's an artist and rather Byronic, who's always on the edge of laughter.


Mickey Ryan - Lloyd Hutchinson
A petty thief from Belfast who drinks at the Jolly Woodman in Midsomer Parva.


Biddy Dixon - Marcia Ashton
Elderly and daft, Biddy is the local gossip and a close friend of Lionel's.