Malcolm Frazer - Benjamin Whitrow

An ancient and very eccentric former spymaster, who's obsessed with his own mortality. He is always on the look out for ways to fund his country pile, Allenby House.


Nicky Frazer - Peter Davison

In his 50s, Malcolm's son Nicky is a former MI6 operative and a drunk with sexual inadequacy problems. He organisers the 'Toffs' cricket team in Midsomer Parva.


Jenny Frazer - Alice Krige

Nicky's wife Jenny is neurotic and sexually frustrated. She was also a Cold War secret service operative in Berlin.


Glen Jarvis - Neil Stuke

A new generation MI6 man, Clive is an irritating self-important ass who tries to lord it over the Frazers and has no respect for Barnaby.


Seth Comfort - Clive Russell

A lugubrious, slow-speaking shepherd who has a good line in the enigmatic.


Jimmy Wells - John Bowe

A local geezer, car dealer and former chauffeur/bodyguard with a tendency to violence. He's captain of the Midsomer Parva village cricket team and rival of the Toffs team.


Geoffrey Larkin - Clive Wood

A very wealthy local boy made bad. Larkin is a former county cricketer who turned the Cold War to his advantage amid rumours of arms dealing.


Brenda Packard - Anna Massey

Brenda is the pragmatic no-nonsense backbone of the empire and a one-time head of MI6. She also grows vegetables for Joyce Barnaby's WI.


Amanda Watson - Claudia Elmhirst

The pert, bright and flirtatious curator of Causton Museum with a bit of history with Jones.


Harry Fowler - Jack Walker

The good-looking hearse driver, who catches the eye of Jenny Frazer.