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Mother Julian - Joanna David
The Prioress of Midsomer Priory, Mother Julian is troubled and secretive. She joined the Order of St Mathilde in the 1970s after working as a missionary.


Mother Thomas - Susan Sheridan
A shrewd and down-to-earth nun who is worried about the Order’s poor financial state.


Mother Jerome - Rosalind Knight
In her 80s and wheelchair-bound, but Mother Jerome has an earthy sense of humour.


Sister Catherine - Fiona Glascott
An attractive novice in her 20s, Catherine is earnest and intense, and passionate about the Priory’s history. She hopes to take her final vows very soon.


Father James Behan - Michael Colgan
The parish priest of Midsomer Malham and priory chaplain. He’s pompous, not terribly clever and resents the nuns.


Duncan Hendred - Jamie Blackley
An 18-year-old boy who is rude and arrogant and looks very much like his father.


Matthew Hendred - George Irving
A wealthy and socially aggressive businessman, Hendred is physically fit and powerfully built, and now fancies himself as a local benefactor.


Lauren Hendred - Emma Davies
Hendred’s wife Lauren is attractive in an expensive and nervous way.


George & Delia Norrington - Richard Walsh & Jessica Turner
Catherine’s mother and stepfather, solid folk who worry about their daughter’s calling.


Bishop Graves - Hugh Ross
The Bishop of Midsomer is intelligent and surprisingly worldly-wise.


Colin & Serena Flemming - Tom Knight & Louise Bangay
An upmarket couple who are hoping for a donation for the hospice from Hendred.


Tamsin Bickford - Martha Mackintosh
A pretty, easy-going, talkative sixth-former with her eye on Duncan Hendred.


Callum - Josh Parris
Duncan’s friend with decent impulses but who’s basically weak.


Barry & Katy - Cliff Parisi & Hannah Arterton
Landlord of the Vertue Arms pub and his cheerful young barmaid.


Peter De Winter - Philip Anthony
A highly-respectable silver dealer in his 60s.