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The Killings at Badgers Drift - 288 votes
Judgement Day - 130 votes
Ring Out Your Dead - 113 votes
Death & Dreams - 99 votes
Death's Shadow - 98 votes
Written in Blood - 80 votes
Ghosts of Christmas Past - 85 votes
Dark Autumn - 76 votes
Dead Man's 11 - 71 votes
The Straw Woman - 66 votes




 A Tale of Two Hamlets


I am shocked that no one has voted for this underrated episode! It was written so well by Alan Plater and used such a lot of humour! The way the family delt with being bumped off was unique and the acting from Ronald Pickup, Anne Reid, Jonathan Hyde and Leo Bill was outstanding. From the explosion to the windmill this was a very special story indeed.

It's a great episode! I like the way how Upper Warden is down the hill and Lower Warden is up the hill, and the rivalry, too!

I´m a fan of Jonathan Hyde, therefore I vote for this episode - besides, it´s great.

 A Talent for Life


Great story, excellent plot twists, and what a cast! Blackman outstanding, as was Jackson. And finally, a hint of a romantic interest between Cully and Troy!

David Hoskins has proved to us here just how good he is at writing

Love it and love Honor Blackman also the gentleman who played the antique dealer

 A Worm in the Bud



I loved this episode!!! It had so many red herrings, the storyline was exciting, and there were some great actors. Although, I must agree that the children were the real stars of the show!!!Basically, Midsomer Murders at its best.

 Bad Tidings


Humourous and exciting episode. John Standing was great as Charles Rust. Clever story with the squeaking noise, great introduction to Sgt. Scott!

Another great episode by P.J. Hammond!

The first episode with Dan Scott must have been difficult to write. I applaud P.J.Hammond, he is such a terrific writer.

This was another great episode, particularly because I had met one actor, Helen Grace, who was playing Lynn Spearman.

I especially liked the quote 'By the way, welcome to Midsomer,' made by Barnaby to Dan Scott when a body is discovered.

Best out of the new series, without a doubt. It's nice to see a lot of Cully

What a great episode. I especially liked the village used for this episode and the Spanish Evening was really good.

An excellent first episode for the new DS and it's great to see Cully actually involved in the story for once. Very creepy too.

Who knew that old schoolfriends could hold such a grudge?

 Bantling Boy


This episode is fantastic. Great stroy line and in beautiful surroundings.

 Beyond The Grave


A very good episode.very creepy to the very end.

Beyond the Grave is great. I love Prunella Scales' character, the lessons Niko is learning and when Troy is trying to eat while sitting in the car.

Beyond the Grave best episode - realistic autumnal romance; good plot, and includes a great performance by the beautiful Cheryl Campbell; also liked Malcolm Sinclair as the adorable Alan Bradford. Effective incidental music too

 Birds of Prey


This was the best episode to me, but it was very sad at the end. It was a shock when the murderer was unmasked

 Blood Will Out


This episode clearly is a classic to me for a few good reasons:
Barnaby's diet
Gavin *the watchdog* Troy making sure, he sticks to it.
Even though the storyline itself is quite good indeed, this diet thing gives this episode a special touch of comedy which is unique.

Barnaby on a diet and the constant teasing! Also, I love the music especially in this episode!

I really liked the way how Barnaby was on a diet and Troy was watching him to make sure he did not eat the marsbar that he had hidden in the car.

I chose Blood Will Out because of the footage taken of the horse chariot races. It was spectacular.

 Blue Herrings


Tom got to dress down for almost the entire episode - and I love a guy in casual clothes.


 Country Matters


Superb story with a fascinating spin on the sexy liasons around midsomer-very amusing story!

Superb characterisation - especially from the underrated Clare Holman - combined with an entertaining story and downright laugh-out loud script make this my very favourite Midsomer Murders story ... to date!

Andrew Payne's script for this episode was so outrageously bizarre and humorous that it ranks at the top of my family's favourites. More please!

 Dance with the Dead


A great episode with a gret nostalgic feel to it. Very haunting too.

I thought this episode was really sad. Watching the sweet old woman lay out those clothes, waiting for her dead brother's return was sad, and when she realised he was dead (when the police officers came in the night at the same spot) it was heartbreaking to watch her break down, after hoping for so long. Always remember that part.

 Dark Autumn


I found this episode powerfully disturbing. It's closely followed by 'Birds of Prey'.

Wonderful performances by all and a frightening script. I love the autumn episodes.

I also like Dark Autumn. Very good cast . Alan Howard was magnificent as Owen August.

It's great! Slashed throats, and the music "The Creep", to the murders.

This episode was in the best 'Midsomer' spirit - very baffling, and more than a little eerie! Plus the hint of a romance for Troy.

P. J. Hammond is such a talented writer!

Very creepy, and with two of my all time favourite actors (Nicky Henson and Celia Imrie). I also liked Alan Howard's character.

Great midsomer murders, best episode ever!

Gillian Kearney and Aunt Sally - an unbeatable combination!

 Days of Misrule



 Dead in the Water


Love Scott, he's so cool.

Dead in the water is definitley the best episode in a while. Lovely settings, loved the rowing (and Steve Redgrave!). The killer was a suprise though not far fetched and the Barnaby/Scott relationship is taking a step further. Great writing and direction and Barnaby saying thank-you to the mouse at the end was hilarious!

I love this episode, very clever. The Regatta really added to the atmosphere. Really enjoyed it!

The setting is amazing, with a real energy in the air. Barnaby has to tell Scott off (tension!) and the plot has so many different strands to it. It ends on a high-note too, and it's not the usual 4-body bloodbath this time.

 Dead Letters


This was fantastic, great to see the return of two midsomer legends.

To say Dr. Wellow is like a real doctor is untrue, besides that this episode was brilliant and the line up of actors was quite superb

 Dead Man's 11


This is also one of the best episodes as it has a very surprising ending and a perfect cast along with Death's Shadow.

I loved Dead Mna's Eleven because of the scenery. And it was quite difficult to have a prime suspect beacause there were so many.

A terrific script from Anthony Horowitz with a terrific twist and Jeremy Silberston's perfect direction make this my favourite episode!

Brilliant settings, the idealistic country cricket team, absolutely wonderful! Excellent twists and extremely well acted. Horowitz at his best!

It started off a little complicated with all the characters and everyhting, but suddenly fell into place.

What a great episode! This storyline kept me guessing to the very end

Another exmaple of Horowitz's outstanding contribution to Midsomer Murders. What made Horowitz's writing unique was that he always had an opening scene set in the past and the case would always be linked to this somehow. Utter brilliance.

This epidsode was oppressively brilliant. The characters and actors were superb, the plot was fast moving and the music was simply divine. Kept me guessing until the very end and when the murder explained his background, it all seemed so plausible.

IT'S Brillant and Beware there is stranger behind you!

Really really good. I love Cricket and this episode features a lot of it!

One word, GREAT!

This was a brilliant episode. The way Barnaby worked it out and that thing with the scoreboard was brilliance.

 Death & Dreams


Great story and a good ending especially the bits with the always laughing Ettie and Mr. Leesmith and his midsomer band.

Very good episode, don't think Barnaby is amused with Troy and Cully.

It was hard to pick but I think death and dreams is my favourite. I have watched it seven times on video. Ettie, Dean and Mr. Leesmith were very funny in parts.

I adored the band music in this episode, and I also liked the characters. A hard choice, but this was my favourite

I loved Troys charcter in this episode.

The mystery is very cool and the end fantastic. I love the relation between Gavin and Cully.

Troy and Barnaby's daughter together.

The best episode since Anthony Horowitz left the show.

The plot kept me guessing until the end, and I LOVED Cully and Troy together. I wished this could have been developed.....I thought they had a lot of chemistry, and a romance between them fit right into the story arc of Midsomer Murders.

 Death & Dust


The beauty of the location in Wales really took our breath away, great story line of this episode made it my favourite.

Took me back to my holiday in North Wales and walk up the Miners Track and the helicopter sequence was brill.

Great to see Barnaby On a helicopter!

 Death in Chorus


Only one comment needed-Jason Hughes is too adorable for words!

 Death in a Chocolate Box


 Death in Disguise


Loved the way Heather and Ken Beavers were made out to be completely insane and the way May Cuttle was presented as rather barmy also.

A very well acted epesode. My favourte chacters are Tim Reily and Ian Graige. Good stuff..

Loved the Elizabethan house

They're all loopy - WICKED!!!


Probably the funniest of all the MM episodes. The commune/religious cult is really all a sham and some of the characters are so hilarious in this respect (sic. the couple who formerly ran a brothel!)

 Death of a Hollow Man


This is a really good episode.It is a it obvious who the killer is but some of the charcters especially Harold were hilarious!

All characters completely over the top, especially Sarah Badel. Can we have her again!

Being an actor, how could I not like this episode best? Can't decide if I like the actual book or filmed episode more--a real rarity in this here world! Strongly suggest reading Ms Graham's novels as well. As a storyteller and delver into the depths of character, she is on a par with both The Bard and William Faulkner. But then, I have Midsommer Madness

 Death of a Stranger


James Bolam at his best in this episode! Very good his performance as Superintendent Ronald Pringle. Another good character is Marsha Tranter, perfectly played by Diana Fletcher at her best.

 Death's Shadow


I love all the Midsomer Murders episodes. It was hard to pick but I think 'Death's Shadow' was best by a tiny bit.

It was awsome and made me a bit scared because I had just recently started watching the series and this was the most gory episode.

Outstanding episode. Each time I see it I have this weird feeling of seeing it the first time. Flawless.

We all agree Anthony Horowitz was the greatest Midsomer Murders writer and this has to be one of the more exceptional episodes he ever created.

A terrific epsiode! Richard Briers is excellent in his role and the writing and direction from Anthony Horowitz and Jeremy Silberston is superb!

Could not guess who the killer was at all,just like an Agatha Christie.

Comments = Wow! How great was this episode. I saw this much older episode and a few others back in 1999 and I think these are so much better than the new ones. They are much less complex plots and completely unpredictable and the killer is always someone who you'd never expect it to be.

I love Richard Briers and he is exceptionally good in this. Too bad he isn't in Monarch of the Glen anymore!

This was very terrifying and had a good ending and the suspense and settings are beautiful of course.

I could not beleive who the killer was!

Very gruesome episode!So much blood.But an absolutely first-class cast and a superb story.Cant help thinking that these earlier episodes were far stronger than later ones.However,still remains a riveting series.Don't stop!

Excellent episode,some really gory murders.

Great episode, kept me guessing.

A great plot, twist and beginning.

 Destroying Angel


Good story and a profusion of victims.

An good epsode with a interesting motive. My favorite yet

My favorite is the Destroying Angel episode, as I think Troy has a more prominent role in that episode.

I like this one the best because the killer identity was such a surprise.

This episode was good because their was lots of violent murders and a variety of killers, the plot twists kept me on the edge of my seat and i can't wait to watch it again when it is repeated.

 Down Among the Dead Men


This episode was very nicely done. Jason Hughes has fitted superbly into the role of Barnaby's sergeant. Excellent acting as usual.

I liked this episode because it involves a variety of settings, along with the usual eccentric Midsomer characters. I love the trips to the seaside along with the treasure hunt. I also like the way that DC Jones, because of his maturity, is more of a colleague of Barnaby's rather than a sidekick.

 Electric Vendetta


Brill or what!

A breakaway from the normal,"she was hit over the head" sort of murder drama but definitely a good one, also lot's dead!

I particually enjoyed this episode because it was very original and it worked well having the paranormal twist.

My friend's aunty was in this episode (as the health receptionist Sally Boulter). Plus the episode title is very cool.

 Faithful Unto Death


The Bunny Cakes gave us yummy smiles from Mr. Nettles.

Seeing Barnaby 'high' was excellent, and the story was intriguing too!

I loved it when Barnaby got the bunycakes , It was so funny watching him sing , skip and laugh out loud.

 Four Funerals & A Wedding


Favourite episode? No difficulty there. Four Funerals and a Wedding is head and shoulders above every episode in the series!!

 Garden of Death


I really enjoyed this episode. The manor house was absolutely wonderful.

One of the best episodes of the series! Belinda Lang is perfect as Elspeth Inkpen and Anthony Bate & Frederick Treves are superb. The plot is well-created and the characters are well-drawn.

I have just watched this one again and it is without a doubt my favourite. All the actors were brilliant especially Neil Dudgeon as the gardener.

I liked the poisoned pasta scene.

 Ghosts of Christmas Past


Great episode. Very well written, Funny, clever, well acted and for once I am pleased to announce I guessed the murderer earlier on. The flashbacks were particulary well done and helped understand the characters.

This Christmjas Episode was outstanding. Hoping there are more to come...!

What a brilliant Christmas special! Had us guessing until the end, and an interesting interwoven plot. Loved the cracker riddle, very chilling! A great way to spend Christmas!!!

Personally I thought this was a very good episode as the title reminded me of the true classic as did the plot. I like the mystery behind this and would love ot see more like this. The plot filled me with trepidation!!! Well done!

Nothing beats this superb seasonal episode!

The characters were very well developed and the story was excellent. I especially liked the flashbacks and the magic was very good!

 Hidden Depths


A real brain twister plus the first apperance of scott's rover 45!

Great mystery with a sense of humor.

One of the most original methods of muder ever shown on tv pure genius.

 Judgement Day


The actors in this one were outstanding. The actual murderer was a real suprise !!

The red herrings are so neatly woven into the plots

Bloody good one. especially orlando mmmmm.. hilarious murder too:)

Orlando Bloom who plays Peter Drinkwater is very cute.

This episode is amazing! Anthony Horowitz should write all Midsomer Murders episodes and hope he does so in the future! A brilliant twist at the very end make this the best episode worth watching!

Great!Someone gets murdered with a PITCHFORK!!! That's what I call gruesome! COOL!!!

This one has Orlando Bloom in it!!!!! who wouldn't love it?!?!?!

This one was good. I mean, it had Orlando Bloom, and it was a real mystery, that had me on the edge on my seat.

Simply outstanding episode. Just watched it again and still love it.I remember the first time I watched it and I adored it even more when all is revealed with possibly the most shcoking twist who the killer is along with Killings at Badgers Drift, Written In Blood, Death's Shadow, Stranglers Wood and Dead Mans 11, which are very similar.

I thought the apisode was very well written and had a suprising twist to it.

MM first came to my attention because Orlando Bloom had a guest spot on it. Despite his small role I found the story and show to be quite good. I'm definitely looking into seeing more of them.

 Last Years Model


Was something slightly different but very enjoyable.

 Market for Murder


A great script for a great episode.

Loved the way the plot devloped and I was exceptionally surprised of the murderer. I have watched it 6 times on tape! I just think it's the best one so far, although The Killings at Badgers Drift was good too.

Market for Murder was funny and well written. Andrew Payne is an excellent writer. Just watch this and you'll know why!

Another good episode by Andrew Payne.

 i absolutely adore this episode!!! I liked the way the good guys had a happy ending and vice versa. Angela Thorne and Anton Rodgers very good as Lady and Lord Chetwood. Fab.

Anton Rodgers is brilliant!!

Fast moving lightweight thriller.

I love Christopher Ravenscroft!

I think Market for Murder is an extraordinary episode. I could never guess the killer. It's very well written and very special. That's what I think. I can only say that it's brilliant!

 Midsomer Rhapsody


A great storyline. The "Rhapsody" itself was brilliant. The murders and scenery were also good. A class episode for Scott to leave, even though there wasnt anything mentioned about it in this one.

A very sad but gripping drama, this will always be my favourite episode.

 Murder on St. Malley's Day


Magnificent setting, best in series (Devington school). Fabulous characters - Eccesley-Hyde, Ludlow and Ants. Very good story line.

This episode was the best of all the episodes of the Midsomer Murders!

 Orchis Fatalis


I really enjoyed this episode. Some great twists and some really great actors in it. Harry Rose also appeared in The Bill as Scott Burnett and Jimmy Wong was in an episode of Dalziel and Pascoe!

 I thought this was really cleverly done. I really enjoyed the humour involving Scott. You've just got to love him haven't you! This is definitely one of the best episodes since Troy left. Really great episode.

Very interesting that not many people voted for this one-very good plot. Would be interesting to know what orchid was used in the episode.

Well I chose this one as it was very funny seeing Scott having hayfever and everything in the countryside it made me laugh! I was going to choose "Hidden Depths" as Scott got stuck in a room and looked lovely and sweaty although I was not keen on the Zara thing!!

 Painted in Blood


A hard choice! But I love Painted in Blood because it is so funny, and Leslie Phillips is perfect as the old womaniser. It also seemed to take the Troy-Barnaby relationship a stage further with a hint that Troy is looking to develop his career. Very satisfying too how Barnaby got his revenge on the crooked policemen who had belittled him.

Funniest episode to date. Great cast. Nice touch to separate Barnaby and Troy and see Troy realising just how good 'flat-footed'Barnaby is!

John Nettles is absolutely superb in this episode. He has been given a script that shows what a fine actor he really is. It also depicts the multi-facetted relationship between Tom & Troy. The genuine fondness but also the failure of Troy to understand the role of a dedicated open minded police officer. To have all of these aspects in one episode is brilliant. Well done.

One of the best. John & Daniel have been given an excellent script to work with. It shows just what a good actor John Nettles is.

Sarah Hellings should be applauded for her sensitivity in handling such an emotionally charged episode. Likewise, Andrew Payne should be given kudos for finally giving John Nettles & Daniel Casey a script that shows just how good these actors really are. In tandem, Hellings & Payne gave us a rare glimpse into the feelings & emotions of Barnaby & Troy. To see Barnaby dealing with disappointment..betrayal & finally Troy's redemption is one of the outstanding moments in this wonderful series.

I love painting and it's sort of why this episode is great to me. Funny episode yet. I especially liked all the thieves after the money, not knowing they had competition!

I love the Alan Plater episodes

 Picture of Innocence


Having just seen last night's showing of Picture of Innocence, have to say it is one of the best - and bringing in Liza Goddard at the end was a brilliant idea - especially for fans of Bergerac.

Really enjoyed this episode because it depicted the true life division of photographers who have happy made the switch to digital and those who are staying firmly with film. I know many other photographer friends, here in Australia, who enjoyed it for the same reason.

 Ring Out Your Dead


I have chosen this episode as my favourite, simply because I am a bellringer myself.

For Daniel Casey and his "almost" love scene.....

Loved Ring Out your Dead, plus we got to see more of Troy character.

Very interesting characters well acted. Also very funny in parts. Peter Fogden was hilarious. Also 'Mad Old Badger' uncle Reggie.

Wonderful acting from Gwen Taylor, Adrian Scarborough, Graham Crowden and Hugh Bonneville. To me this makes it the very best episode.

Favourite because I was in it as an extra during the wedding scene behind the blushing bride, or was that blushing behind the bride!!!

This one was so crazy I couldn't ever have guessed the motive. I loved it. The obsessed bellringer was hilarious.

 Sauce for the Goose


As it only had one murder it was easier to understand. Plus I loved it when Amelia Plummer went mad at the end.

Have just watched this episode again and remembered how brilliant and sad it was! Especially at the end when Amelia Plummer was actually becoming vacant (possibly Alzheimers)and a brief glimpse of Alberts Wood getting demolished (exactly what the other greedy members of the family wanted!). Left me feeling very emotional, a sign of a good drama!

 Second Sight


An Incredible episode. Gripping and dark. the ending was exceptionally satisfying and the most exciting since Dark Autumn. Outstanding.

Great plot and not too far-fetched. It is a pity that Emma Anderson who played the teacher in the flash-back was not credited.

 Shot at Dawn



 Sins of Commission


I had to rewatch this episode because it was a little too much to take in for myself but nontheless, it was a fabulous addition.

This is my favourite episode- I know it off by heart!

It's my favourite because I really like Camilla Crofton.... I think she is a very cool character...

 Strangler's Wood


A very good twist at the end and another terrific episode.

I think that it was one of the first episode I saw of the series. It was in Danish television in late 1998 I guess. Later on it was sent one more time - and this time I was quick enough to record it on my video recorder. I have seen it several times - I just think that it is the best episode so far!

This is another example of how Anthony Horowitz wrote the best scripts. the episodes that he wrote were usually the ones Jeremy Silbertson directed and this is just brilliant. It was also nice to see Barnaby and Cully's relationship without Joyce. It is not just John Nettles who gives an excellent perofrmance here, as so do the remainder of the cast. This is how every episode should be. Bring back Horowitz!

This is a great ep, with loads of plot twists and it really keeps you trying to second - guess the story line.

Oh my god. Greatest episode I've seen!

I've already voted for Death's Shadow but as I love all Horowitz's episodes I've decided to vote them all as my favourite. This is in the top 6 out of the 40 that have been made.

Just watched this episode again and thought it was outstanding. It was so unpredictable and scary with an excellent buildup. Thank you to Mr Horowitz and Silberston for giving us such a wonderful episode!

7 murders!, how many murder dramas do you watch where the body count is so high?

 Tainted Fruit


I have only recently seen this episode and I think it's brilliant.

Shocking murder of Melissa. Yet still, the story kept me to the edge of my seat.


 Talking to the Dead



 The Animal Within



 The Axeman Cometh


 The Fisher King


Really liked the amount of detail that went into the story such as the book and museum and the great setting such as the mill.

Another great episode.With such a lot of detal,the Barrow,the spear and most of all the celtic music.

The Fisher King was outstanding!!!!

I like the setting of this episode, it's very calming -especially after a busy day. This is also one of the episodes, in which John Hopkins plays...I like him sooo much! He has a very sexy voice!

 The Green Man


A very will acted episode.I am glad it was a happy ending for Troy.My favourite chracter was Tom the wild man.

A brilliant episode - moving, clever; shows excellently how much more than a mystery-puzzle this sort of drama can actually be.

A very good episode with many good herrings and story and great contribution to the series.

 The House in the Woods


A great one with George Baker.

This was a great episode, got me quite scared but as things went on me and my dad began being detectives!

 The Killings at Badger's Drift


I know, I know so many great ep's and I choose the first one, but it really is my very favorite!

Very hard to pick just one, but I guess I have to go with the first. What a great episode.

Have enjoyed every single episode, but I think the episodes scripted by Anthony Horowitz are much more ambitious and much more intense. I enjoyed the book and I think the episode did it justice.

They are all brilliant - but the Rainbirds were great!

The first one, and one that set the tone for a marvellous 'series' of mysteries

Elizabeth Spriggs was just superb in this one and Troy was right on form.

The Opening One that set the standard! Completely camp OTT and fantastic!

The original is always the best.

Remeber seeing this on ITV back in 1997. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have watched it since but this one was the one that started it all!

Jolly spiffing episode.

The Rainbird characters showed "real rharacter." The episode was, amusing, entertaining, and fully enjoyabe - one that could be watched on a regular basis.

The first few episodes are definitely the best. Probably because they are the original Caroline Graham stories. I wish the series would be more true to the characters. Nettles is perfect as Barnaby, but Barnnby in the books s a more complex character. As are his wife and daughter. Troy is a 'bad hat' in the books. So anyone who first sees the series and than reads the books will think he is reading something entirely different.

 The Kings Crystal



 The Maid in Splendour


This episode was fabulous. It only missed the complex touch, it was a little too easy to understand. But I found it was great.

 The Straw Woman


Really enjoying this new series - nothing to do with handsome new addition to the cast of course!

I just love this episode, its so clever! I love John Hopkins!

I loved this story, it was exciting but dark as well. Loved the straw woman! More episodes like this prove that the quality of episodes is still high. Anthony Horowitz may be a good writer, but the newer writers are excellent.

Love the more recent episodes more. Although i loved troy, i prefer scott and i think it would be really cool if he went out with barnaby's daughter.

I didn't like the character of Sgt. Scott before, but after this this, I just love him. I'm pretty sure, I loved this part the most.
I like the mystery of this as well as the plot.

Romantic to sigh! Scott' character gets something of "true life" through this story

 They Seek Him Here



 Things that Go Bump in the Night


I found Rosetta Price a little scary when she stood by that steam train and all the smoke was blowing around her.

One of the funniest titles definitely!

I'm interested in "crystal healing" that's why this is my favourite episode

 Vixen's Run


Vixen's run" is just brilliant! I enjoyed it very much!

 Who Killed Cock Robin


I chose this because of my interest in horses and it had a great storyline as well.

I like Who killed Cock robin because it shows the relatoinship between father(Melvern Stockard) and daughter(Julie Stockard).

 Written in Blood


Anthony Horowitz has without doubt been the best writer Midsomer Murders has had, please bring him back to right more ITV?!

What a scary episode! I was terrified of the killer, they are the most evil yet! The storyline itself was superb, and it kept me guessing to the very end. This is what every episode should be like!

The killer created a week of sleepless nights for me. Gruesome!

I've voted for two reasons - It's by Horowitz and all his episodes are by far the best + it has the scariest villain out of all the episodes.

Won't reveal who the killer is but I can assure they are absolutely terrifying in this episode. Scared the life out of me!

Gave me goosebumps at the end. Well written and acted throughout, as always, by the entire cast.

Absolutely brilliant! Fantastic! Love the acting and the dead body at the end was so freaky! especially in the dark!



The UK makes some of the greatest murder mystery shows because of the humour, personal touches, and limited violence. I enjoy many British-made mystery shows. Thanks so much.

The episodes I like best are those where there is at least a certain of degreee of balance between the humour aimed at Troy and that aimed at Barnaby and where you can see a certain degree of personal/emotional attachment between Barnaby and Troy. Judgement Day, Faithful unto Death and Written in Blood come a close second

Midsomer murders rocks.

I think Midsomer Murders is a great TV programme and my favourite character is Sgt Gavin Troy

Speaking as a long-time fan of murder mystery programs, Midsomer Murders is several cuts above the others!

Like them all.

Still awaiting to see the last two listed, but how can one really say which is their favourite!!!

Hard to separate top 3 favourites. Each episode is tops! Many other episodes also very good. Not really any bad ones in excellent TV series.

In general - is there any one still unmurdered in Midsomer?

There are always such fascinating stories and characters.

Of course it's very difficult to say which episode is the best as they all are of a very high level. Looking forward to the new episodes and if possible to some re-airing of the previous series.

Love all that have been shown on A&E thus far, plus those that I have purchased.

I love all the shows, it was very difficult to pick just one! ;)

Written in Blood" is probably my favourite, but I had a VERY hard time deciding between this and "Beyond the Grave". Other favourites include "Death of a Stranger" and, "Market for Murder".

The red herrings are so neatly woven into the plots.