Filming Memories - Liza Goddard


Liza Goddard enjoyed being reunited with her 'old flame' John Nettles for this episode.

"I filmed with John over about six years, playing Philippa Vale in Bergerac. Philippa was Bergerac's adversary - she was a jewel thief and a bit of an ice maiden, but he fancied her.

"Marion Bell is an old flame of Barnaby's so the producers thought it would be a good wheeze to have me in. It was lovely to see John again, he is so incredibly easy-going and working with old friends is just a joy. Midsomer Murders is one of the rare things on TV that I enjoy watching.

"It's quite an unusual role because Marion isn't seen until the end but she is talked about all the way through. When I came in it was like a party atmosphere, just like being on holiday. We reminisced about living on Jersey as that was another idyllic job."

Liza now lives in a small Norfolk village with her husband, producer/director David Cobham.

"It's a lovely country area. I am a keen gardener and I have chickens. I also have five dogs that I look after - two Labradors, a border terrier, a Lhasa apso and a Shitzu terrier cross. I keep busy walking them every day."

Liza combines her rural life with work as an actress and setting up a new business venture with her daughter Sophie, mother to Liza's granddaughter Adelaide. Liza also has a son, Thom.

She says: "I've just finished in a production of Alan Ayckbourn's 70th play If I Were You, which premiered in Scarborough and then went on tour.

"Sophie and I have a website together which concentrates on anything for your dog in pink. We found it wasn't always easy to buy your girl dog pink things so we decided to set up our own website - pinkpooch.com. And a percentage of our profits will go to Breakthrough Breast Cancer."

Liza herself has recovered from breast cancer and also supports the charity in other ways. "I am going to do the Moon Walk again which is walking the marathon route of 26.2 miles in the night. I did it nine years ago and I'm now practicing for it again."

Liza's other credits include Skippy, Take Three Girls, The Brothers, Yes Honestly, Watch This Space, Pig in the Middle, Seal Morning, Woof! and Doctors.