Main Characters/Roles


Lionel Bell - Nigel Anthony
Lionel is a mild-mannered man whom life - and his wife - has treated harshly. He works as a quantity surveyor in the town of Luxton Deeping and is a traditional amateur photographer.


Steve Bright - Andrew Tiernan
Divorced, brash and in his 40s, Steve is a purveyor of fitted kitchens and leader of the digital faction in the Luxton Deeping Photographic Society.


Headley Madrigal - Peter Eyre
The proprietor of Madrigal Photographic, Headley is dishevelled in an absent-minded professor way. He is determinedly non-digital, committed to photographing the village street at the same time every day.


Sonia Madrigal - Lynn Farleigh
Sonia is a grim-looking misanthropic woman in her 60s, married to Headley.


Sebastian Madrigal - Martin Hutson
The son of Headley and Sonia, Seb is thin, pale and nerdish, sharing his father's lack of interest in appearances. He helps his father in the shop.


Eddie Carfax - Adrian Scarborough
Eddie is a self-satisfied man who thrives on other people's misfortunes. He takes cute photos of kittens and puppies.


Philomena Bell - Montserrat Lombard
Lionel's daughter is shy and unassuming and peers at the world anxiously through her thick fringe. She is doing a book-binding course and fancies Seb.


Martin Spellman - Richard Lintern
A detective inspector with Causton CID, Spellman carries a laptop and is going places. He fits police work around planning his wedding - his third.


Imogen - Caroline Trowbridge
Attractive, well-dressed Imogen is Martin Spellman's fiancée.


Adam Knox - Ian Peck
Knox has an aggressive manner and is a digital crony of Steve Bright's.


Lee Peters - Michael Geary
Another self-satisfied member of Bright's digital crew.


Marion Bell - Liza Goddard
Marion is a former girlfriend of Barnaby's. Now in her fifties, she is toned, honed and botoxed and living in Spain after leaving her husband Lionel.