Detailed Synopsis

Rivalry between traditional film photographers and digital camera fans in the village of Luxton Deeping reaches fever pitch at the annual photographic society exhibition when snapper Steve Bright threatens black and white film enthusiast Lionel Bell.

During the private viewing, Joyce is shocked to see a print on the wall showing Barnaby caught in a passionate embrace with another woman - Marion Bell, Lionel's wife, who left him to live in Spain.

Photographer Headley Madrigal says the image has been digitally manipulated - its two shots put together. Joyce assumes it's a criminal getting revenge, then Barnaby admits he had a brief relationship with Marion 30 years ago.

Lionel is photographing his favourite oak trees in Luxton Wood when he is strangled with the cord from his light meter. A memory card from a digital camera is found in his mouth.

Police discover Lionel shared a bottle of wine with a visitor the night before he died, but according to his diary it was DCI Barnaby. Then the detective's fingerprints are found on a wine glass at Lionel's home.

Barnaby realises someone must have taken his wine glass from the exhibition to frame him but he is taken off the investigation and replaced by irritating bureaucrat Martin Spellman, who spends most of his time planning his forthcoming wedding.

The memory card reveals glamour shots of a blonde woman. Before Jones can question Steve Bright about it, he too is strangled. This time, a roll of black and white film is found in his mouth containing more images of the mystery woman.

Behind Spellman's back, Barnaby visits Lionel's daughter Philomena, who admits her mother returned to England recently. Then Headley's son Seb invites him to his dark room at night offering information about the blonde woman. He claims Bright held sessions at his studio with glamour models, plus Lionel and other middle-aged men.

Jones finally discovers who the woman is - but her identity comes as a complete shock. Then Seb invites Spellman to his darkroom for more revelations. With the evidence mounting against him, will Barnaby be able to clear his name?