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Gideon Latimer - Andrew-Lee Potts

A charismatic young magician on the cusp of worldwide acclaim. He's driven and mostly without empathy and is keen to use the pagan traditions of Midsomer Oaks to his own advantage.


Carole Latimer - Amanda Burton

Gideon's over-bearing mother who has raised him as on her own since his father's tragic early death. Carol is determined Gideon will succeed at any cost and lives vicariously through his glittering career, having formerly been his manager.


Annabel Latimer - Stephanie Leonidas

Gideon's young, beautiful wife. Privileged but warm-hearted, she enjoys the trappings of marriage to Gideon but is unhappy in the relationship.


Theo Bainbridge - Fraser Ayres

Gideon's manager and tech whizz, Theo is ambitious - and in love with Gideon's wife, Annabel.


Magnus Soane - Jack Shepherd

The liberal, cerebral, heavy drinking Vicar of St Cyprian's. Desperate to raise sufficient funds to save his church, he's also locked in combat with his evangelical curate who strongly disapproves of the village pagan traditions.


Lorna Soane - Deborah Findlay

Magnus's formidable wife and unbeknownst to him, a fervent pagan. Lorna is jostling to rule the village pagans and is keen for Gideon to embrace paganism in the hope that his skill willenhance their magic.


Andrew Maplin - Justin Salinger

Magnus's curate is a fastidious, proselytising evangelical, keen on dishing out advice to all and sundry. He disapproves of paganism, magic and everything else that looks like fun.


Luke Altman - Joe Absolom

Luke is barman at the Green Man, a pub which his wife Hannah inherited. He is not all he seems.


Rhodri Probert - Alan McKenna

Co-owner of the local florists with his wife, Ailsa, but their marriage is strained because of his infidelity.


Ailsa Probert - Noma Dumezweni

Rhodri's wife is a recent evangelical convert of Curate Andrew Maplin's, which has strained her marriage and her friendship with Hannah.


Dr Dorothea Grenville - Merelina Kendall

A local historian in her 70s.