Brad - Samuel Oatley
An East End trader with zero empathy for the countryside or the people who live there. Brad is chippy and macho.


Mandy - Myanna Buring
Brad's loyal Essex girlfriend and litter lout.


Eleanor Crouch - Selina Cadell
A middle-aged spinster with a drink problem, Eleanor is a receptionist at the Morecroft Hotel whom few take seriously.


Guy Sandys - Simon Williams
A wealthy retired fund manager and owner of Midsomer Life magazine. Guy is now a tweedy local squire enjoying life as a self-appointed, no-holds-barred food critic.


Julia Benson - Pooky Quesnel
The attractive editor of Midsomer Life, Julia is a shrewd and experienced journalist with a pleasant manner - but a short fuse.


Garth Platt - David Crow
Garth is a local countryman who is expressive and colourful in his Nature diary column for Midsomer Life but a man of few words in his personal life.


Gemma Platt - Debbie Chazen
Garth's sister Gemma is an artist and illustrator. She's an earth mother and a bit dippy.


Matt Morecroft - Thomas Lockyer
Matt has inherited the Morecroft Hotel and also owns the off-roaders centre. He is unpopular with the locals of Midsomer Sonning.


Mr Tomlin - Richard Morant
In his 50s, Mr Tomlin is a mystery guest at the Morecroft Hotel. He's a dour grey-haired man who hardly speaks.


Martin Reid - Daniel Hill
Martin is a hopeless dreamer and a bankrupt. His smiley, slightly too polite manner hides inner emotional turmoil.


Christina Finleyson - Serena Gordon
Martin's sister Christine is the ex-wife of Guy Sandys. She's beautiful and perfectly groomed with a very cool manner.