MARCH 2015

The U.K. series 17 DVD box set is now available to buy direct from Acorn - http://www.acorndvd.com It will not be available from other outlets until 8th June 2015.


The U.K. series 15 DVD box set is now available to buy from Acorn Media's site - http://www.acornmediauk.com If you place an order from them before May 6th they will enter you into a prize draw to win a signed Midsomer Murders script. There are 3 scripts available to win - 'Death & the Divas', 'The Sicilian Defence' and 'Schooled in Murder'. The box set will not be available via other outlets until May 6th. There is one episode per DVD and Picture Galleries are included on each. As with the individual DVD release there is an interesting commentary on 'Dark Rider' - Henry Holland interviews director Alex Pillai and Neil Dudgeon. 'Death & the Divas' also contains an informative 'Making of' featurette which includes input from director Nick Laughland, producer Jo Wright and Neil Dudgeon amongst others. Additionally, there is the welcome inclusion of subtitles again which were available for the first time on Series 14 sets.

General Extras across most releases so far include a Caroline Graham biography, Filmographies of the main cast, Production Notes, Fascinating Facts and UK Broadcast dates. From Series 10 DVD releases are also in 16:9 aspect ratio. Series 1-9 were in 14:9.

'Secrets & Spies' contains an exclusive interview with Jason Hughes. There is also a 'Special Edition' of this DVD, available only from 'Acorn', which includes the ITV3 programme 'Map of Midsomer' presented by John Nettles and Jane Wymark.


The Killings at Badger's Drift
Written in Blood
Death of a Hollow Man Faithful Unto Death
Death in Disguise
Death's Shadow
Strangler's Wood
Dead Man's Eleven
Blood Will Out
Death of a Stranger


Blue Herrings
Judgement Day
Garden of Death
Destroying Angel
The Electric Vendetta
Who Killed Cock Robin? Dark Autumn
Tainted Fruit
Market for Murder
A Worm in the Bud

Ring out your dead
A Talent for Life
Painted in Blood
Birds of Prey
Bad Tidings
Murder on St. Malley's Day
Death & Dreams
A Tale of Two Hamlets
The Green Man
The Fisher King


Sins of Commission
The Maid in Splendour
The Straw Woman
Ghosts of Christmas Past
Things that Go Bump in the Night
Dead in the Water
Orchis Fatalis
Bantling Boy
Second Sight
Hidden Depths

The Killings at Badger's Drift
Written in Blood
Strangler's Wood
Dead Man's 11

Cast Filmographies
Midsomer Map
Production Notes
Biography of the Writer

Sauce for the Goose
Midsomer Rhapsody
The House in the Woods
Dead Letters
Vixen's Run
Down Among the Dead Men
Death in Chorus
Country Matters
Last Years Model
Four Funerals & A Wedding

Blue Herrings
Murder on St. Malley's Day
Sins of Commission
Picture of Innocence

Behind the Scenes Doc
Cast Filmographies
Midsomer Map
Biography of the Writer
Production Notes
Fascinating Facts

Dance with the Dead
The Animal Within
King's Crystal
The Axeman Cometh
Death & Dust
Picture of Innocence
Shot at Dawn
They Week Him Here
Death in a Chocolate Box
Blood Wedding


Judgement Day
Destroying Angel
Dead in the Water
Orchis Fatalis

Ghosts of Christmas Past
Death of a Stranger
A Talent for Life
Shot at Dawn

Left for Dead
Midsomer Life
The Magician's Nephew
Days of Misrule
The Dogleg Murders
Secrets & Spies
The Black Book
The Glitch
Small Mercies
The Creeper

Talking to the Dead
The Great & The Good
The Made to Measure Murders
The Sword of Guilliaume
Blood on the Saddle
The Silent Land
Master Class
The Noble Art
Not in my Backyard
Fit for Murder

Ben Jones Casebook



'The House in the Woods' DVD released in August 2006 contains an exclusive 13 minute interview with John Nettles where he reveals a few unknown anecdotes about the series. There are also some nice new pics of John Nettles on the menus.

**The DVDs from 'Garden of Death' and up to and including 'Birds of Prey' contain a short 'Behind the Scenes' documentary made by the Hallmark channel, including interviews with John Nettles, Daniel Casey, Sarah Hellings and Brian True-May.

John talks about his character and likens the series to "Agatha Christie on speed"! He also mentions the discrepancy about the extra body in 'Electric Vendetta' which due to cutting was never properly explained during the episode. Daniel reveals that he did his own stunt driving! There are clips included from several episodes including the pilot 'The Killings at Badger's Drift'. All in all an interesting little documentary.

The Behind the Scenes Documentary' is absent from 'Bad Tidings' onwards presumably because Daniel Casey left the series at the end of 'The Green Man'. However, the photos on the Main Menu screen have been changed to show some nice new shots of John Hopkins and John Nettles.

There is one episode per disc. The extras on each disc are identical and are as follows:

1) Profile of John Nettles including a list of selected works.
2) Profile of Daniel Casey including a list of selected works.
3) Profile of Caroline Graham
4) Profile of Brian True-May

5) Broadcast dates for the U.K. and background notes to the series.

6) Midsomer Map
  A map of the fictitious area of Midsomer including the villages seen in the
  series so far and some of the buildings. The map is displayed in two parts.

7) Scene selection

8) **Behind the Scenes documentary

DVDs are available in High Street stores in the U.K., by calling the Acorn Video Hotline on 020 8879 7000, or going to the Acorn web site at http://www.acorndvd.com. NB DVDs are encoded for Region 2.

DVDs are also available on line from Amazon by clicking the link below.