Sonia Woodley - Maureen Beattie

The widow of bespoke tailor Gerald Woodley, Sonia now runs Woodley & Woodley with her brother-in-law Matthew and son Luke. She's a good-looking woman, but beset with anxiety.


Matthew Woodley - Philip Bretherton

Sonia's brother-in-law, Matthew works in the family tailoring business. He's in his 50s, quiet, self-contained and impeccably conservative.


Luke Woodley - Karl Davies

The son of Sonia and Gerald Woodley, Luke is in his mid-twenties, attractive, likes a sharp suit and tie and artfully dishevelled hair. He wants to modernise the shop.


Beatrice Daniels - Sonya Cassidy

Beatrice works at Woodley & Woodley. She's in her 20s and is casually but stylishly dressed. She is fond of Luke, but not as much as he would like.


Morris Bingham - Richard Cordery

A self-made but endearingly self-important man, who owns the garden centre near Milton Cross. He has a taste for rather bold tweed suits.


Edward Milton - James Wilby

Owner of the estate village of Milton Cross, Edward Milton is a good-humoured man in his late 40s. He's an imposing figure, secure in the knowledge that many villagers depend on him for their livelihood.


Rev Moreland - Nicholas Jones

A theatrical clergyman who leads the congregation at St Chad's. Moreland is a bit of a dandy and a traditionalist who likes to wear his cassock while off-duty.


Katie Soper - Gwyneth Strong

An attractive, but dressed-down woman, who lives in an estate house and does sewing jobs for the Woodleys to earn much-needed cash.


Derek Soper - Ian Burfield

Derek is a farm labourer and married to Katie.


Gary Soper - Pax Baldwin

The wayward 15-year-old son of Derek and Katie Soper, Gary has a taste for trainers, tracksuits and hoodies, especially expensive ones.


Wendy Minchin - Carolyn Pickles

A close friend of Sonia Woodley, Wendy is attractive in middle age but dowdily dressed as if to disguise the fact.


Deborah Milton - Carolyn Backhouse

The careworn wife of landowner Edward Milton.