James Wilby plays Edward Milton

James Wilby likens his character in Midsomer Murders to Conservative leader David Cameron.

"He's a man of the people, someone who is at ease in his position. Edward Milton owns the village of Milton Cross but he's still a working man, although he's a wealthy boss.

"I didn't want to go for the whole very smart look in tie and brogues because Edward still gets out in his Range Rover to mend fences. Instead he's in open-necked shirts, cords and a Barbour. He's a bit like David Cameron, who you don't see out of work in a suit."

James admits that he had never seen an episode of the series before joining the cast.

"My mum was incredibly pleased that I was doing one and I wanted to do it myself as I liked the script and the character.

"I enjoyed playing Edward. He appears to be an honourable man running an estate and having his own squiredom. He's philanthropic at heart, then you discover a bit more about him.

"He doesn't think he's an evil man because people who do bad things often have a way of persuading themselves that it's all for the good. He's used to the knowledge that he owns everyone and everything and he keeps a hold very subtly over the village."


Nicholas Jones plays Rev Archibald Moreland

Nicholas Jones, who plays Rev Moreland is no stranger to clerical roles and robes.

Says Nicholas: "I have played a Cardinal defrocked, I stepped down to play a vicar, and I've also played a monk, so now I've hit rock bottom with Rev Moreland!"

The minister presides over St Chad's in the Midsomer village of Morton's Cross, owned by wealthy estate owner Edward Milton (James Wilby).

"Moreland is vain, well-intentioned, slightly theatrical and more interested in his own presentation than his flock, but that doesn't make him a bad priest, more of a human being."

Rev Moreland likes to wear his bespoke tailored cassock even when he's off duty, which Nicholas found was beneficial for his portrayal.

"Once I got into the long black frock it helped as it gives you a slightly different attitude and people are more reverential towards you. People wonder if you are a real priest or not."

Nicholas enjoyed the experience of working on the long-running drama.

"I got a great reaction when I told everyone I was going to be in Midsomer Murders. People find it very easy to watch and not too demanding or exhausting. They are comforted by it and the way it unfolds quite gently.

"I am very soft in real life, very different from some of the roles I get offered, but I do get offered all sorts of characters. Luckily I am not pigeon-holed in any way, but I do know I can look a bit scary!"