DC Ben Jones (from Series 9)

APRIL 2015

Jason has been busy in the theatre recently, appearing in Way Upstream at the Chichester Festival Theatre - April-May and set to appear in Violence & Son at the Royal Court (Jerwood Theatre), London from June-July.


Jason Hughes to leave Midsomer

'Schooled in Murder' will be the last ever episode starring Jason Hughes as DS Jones, sidekick to DI Barnaby played by Neil Dudgeon.

Jason has decided to leave after filming over 50 episodes of the popular and long running series Midsomer Murders.

He says: 'It was a tough decision for me to go, as I have had a great time working on the show, both with John Nettles and now Neil Dudgeon, and the crew are like a second family. I feel it is the right time for me to leave, and after spending seven happy years on Midsomer I am now looking at other projects, and my first one will be the pilot season in the US. It's a new year for me career wise which I am looking forward to, and though I am sorry to say goodbye to Midsomer, I hope to be able to come back if there is a 'special episode' in the pipeline!'

Producer Jo Wright of Bentley Productions is currently looking for the right person to replace Jason. She said: 'We are sad that Jason has decided to leave the series and of course will miss him tremendously. We are now looking for his replacement, and it's very exciting to start looking for a new face.'

Jason's first episode was 'The House in the Woods' in 2005. He went on to film over 100 hours of Midsomer Murders starring alongside John Nettles in 38 episodes. Since Neil Dudgeon took over the leading role, the latest detective duo have clocked up a further 14 episodes.

Jason's first day filming involved finding a dead body in a car, a foretaste of the many bizarre murders he then went onto investigate. As DS Jones, Jason has also been almost killed by a tractor, dressed up as a nun, fallen out of trees, and gone undercover in a cult. He has fallen in the lake in the middle of freezing January and sang naked in the shower. In that one, he was a bit shocked when he was told to take his boxer shorts off, and then found out that they had to dub over his singing anyway because of a rights issue!

Jason's other credits include This Life, Plain Jane, The Flint Street Nativity, Phoenix Blue, Killing Me Softly, Mine All Mine, Waking The Dead, Coming Up and Dante's Daemon.


Good friends Michael Sheen and Jason Hughes have teamed up for a major ITV1 Wales feature film. They star in 'Dead Long Enough', which was shown on Welsh TV on Friday, 15th December at 11pm.


Jason Hughes will be doing some celebrating of his own when Midsomer Murders reaches its half-century.

He is marrying his long-term partner Natasha Dahlberg at the end of September, with the couple's children, seven-year-old Molly and one-year-old Max at their side.

Explains Jason: "The plans are going very well. We've managed to get on top of it all, now we have to pay everybody! The children will be very involved because they're a big part of our lives."

Unfortunately, Jason's hectic workload allows him no time for a honeymoon.

"I'm contracted to Midsomer Murders for 10 months of the year but even though we have a break at the end of September I go straight into filming a one-off film of This Life, which catches up with everybody 10 years later. I start that on the 23rd of September, get married on the 24th, have the 25th off and then I'm back at work on the 26th!

"Natasha is also very busy, she's a jewellery designer and she's just cracked New York and is looking at starting something in LA. It's a busy year for us both, so we'll have to wait till Christmas for a break together."


Jason Hughes joins Midsomer Murders as Barnaby's new side-kick from the first episode of Series 9, 'The House in the Woods'. Scott is ill so Barnaby persuades DC Ben Jones to join him in his investigations.

Jason was ideally placed to play a policeman in the series because he's already passed the Met's entrance exam several times over. When he left drama school he worked for the Met for about a year, helping to train their examiners by doing role play mock interviews. He had to do a lot of work pretending that he wanted to join the police. They told Jason he would have made the grade, though he has remarked, 'I don't know if that's worrying or not'!

Jason's sister's also a policewoman, based in South Wales, and his grandfather was a sergeant who became a crime prevention officer. So there's definitely some kind of cop thing going on in his family, though when he told his sister he'd be playing a detective in Midsomer Murders she just laughed!

"Jones grew up in the Midsomer area and he's an enthusiastic copper who's given an opportunity to come out of uniform. He's bright and wants to learn so he loves it when he's given a chance to work with DCI Barnaby. He'll stand and listen but sometimes he can't help himself asking a question or throwing an idea into the pot.

Jason has said "I'm a bit like him because when things interest me, I like to get involved and know as much as I can about something. I'm not half-hearted. But we're very different people and come from different backgrounds. I'm Welsh and he's not, and I have a family and he doesn't."

He has also said, "John's been terrific. He's such a lovely guy - incredibly generous and calm. He's very easy to be around and I'm sure the good feeling on set is largely down to the way he is. Joining the series was an easy choice because I knew I was going into something of a good standard and quality. The whole team have made me feel really welcome."

Born in Porthcawl, South Wales, Jason represented his country at rugby before turning to acting. He trained at LAMDA and got his big break playing Warren in acclaimed drama This Life.

His other credits include The Flint Street Nativity, Harry Enfield's Brand Spanking New Show, Plain Jane, Mine All Mine, and the feature films Phoenix Blue, Shooters, Killing Me Softly as well as the forthcoming Red Mercury and Dead Long Enough.

Jason lives in Hove with his wife, acclaimed jewellery designer Natasha Dahlberg, and their children Molly, six, and nine-month-old baby Max. This year he has also made a short film, Mable's Story, about spiritualists and ghosts, with his Cardiff-based production company Spinning Head.







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