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HELEN BAXENDALE - Rose Lancaster

Filming her first role in Midsomer Murders culminating in some hair raising scenes for Helen Baxendale.


"In the story I have to find someone who has fallen off a cliff, my character, Rose Lancaster, then had to overcome some deep seated fear and try to save him. The day that we were due to film out on this chalk escarpment, there was a force ten gale blowing.


"The scene looks quite desperate and dangerous because it probably was! The wind was so loud it was quite hard to hear each other, Neil Dudgeon's tie was flying out at 160 degrees, our hair standing on end, then we had to grapple next to this sheer drop; it was actually really good fun and of course there were lots of health and safety checks."


Describing her character Helen says: "Rose is the grown up daughter of a landed county family. She's just losts her father as the story begins. She hasn't lived the life you might expect of someone brought up in a manor house because money has been tight and also because of some childhood trauma she's never really got over.


"When her father's dead body goes missing she, like the rest of the family is both victim and suspect."


So what mystery does this episode revolve round exactly?


"There appears to be a body snatcher on the loose. Rose's father's body goes first, leading to emotional trauma, some soul searching and home truths for the rest of the family."


Helen thoroughly enjoyed her experience of filming Midsomer and trying her hand at a new accent.


"The best thing about the experience for me was enjoying working with the other actors and the director, being in the countryside and having to be posh, something I rarely get to have a go at."


She continues giving us the run through of actors who played her on screen family.


"My mother is played by Diana Quick, brother by Alastair Mackenzie, partner by Ciaran McMenamin and love rival Vicar Emma Cunniffe. We all had a great time during some beautiful spring weather out in the countryside putting on posh voices and falling off cliffs."