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Wealthy landowner Gregory Lancaster breaths his last, surrounded by his wife Hermione, daugter Rose and Craig Coffley, Rose's partner. Dr. Issac Vernon confirms the death as Gregory's son, Antarctic expedition leader Felix, arrives just too late to see his father. Undertakers Caleb Southwood and Elliie Loxley go to the body, only to discover that it has gone missing.


The Barnabys and Betty, with her favourite pink teddy, see Nelson arrive with the news. At Malton Hall they find new pathologist Kam Karimore, in situ and Nelson tells Barnaby they have got off on the wrong foot. Concluding the boy was removed via the window, Barnaby and Nelson interview the family, and learn that Felix plans to affect a quick sale, whilst a visit from Rev. Melissa Ackers shows bad blood between the family and the vicar. Barnaby and Nelson are intrigued to learn that Dr. Issac and understaker Caleb live together: "a one-stop shop perhaps!'


When the body of Lancaster's ex nanny is stolen from the graveyard it seems the family are being persecuted. Barnaby learns that Melissa's antagonism from the family was over access to a family vault, and notices a closeness between the Vicar and Craig. Then wealthy businessman Sonny Desai - an old school friend of Felix's - arrives to buy the estate, much to tenant farmer Bobbie's shock. Barnaby presses Caleb and Issac over Lydia's death and burial, and Ellie grows suspicious of her employers. As Sonny and the Lancasters reacquaint themselves, the tensions mount over the 'climbing game' they played as children. Caleb and Issac move a body to the car under cover of darkness. Barnaby and Nelson get a breakthrough when Kam reveals climbing rope fibres were found at both crime scenes, making both Felix and Craig suspects. Meanwhile Craig and Bobbie both question Sonny's motives, and Sonny and Felix's friendship gives way to mutual distrust. A search of Craig's van finds nothing, Craig tells Melissa to keep away from him. Then Felix finds Craig in the woods seemingly dead.


Barnaby and Nelson arrive on the scene to find the body has gone. Barnaby orders a search and the evidence mounts against Felix when a Carabiner is found nearby with his fingerprints on it. It transpires Felix lied about his return to the U.K. and agree the sale of Malton Hall to Sonny years ago in return for expedition funding. Nelson learns of Sonny's business interests in mining . Meanwhile Ellie sneaks into Caleb's garage and discovers a body in the car, and has to jump in besides the corpse to avoid being caught. Felix insists he is being framed, and as relations sour between him and Sonny, Barnaby and Nelson get word that Ellie is missing. They head off in pursuit, finding her on route to Devil's Lake, and arriving at the Waterside just in time to prevent Caleb and Issac dumping a body.


Caleb and Issac explain they merely offer bespoke funeral services, but Barnaby and Nelson make a vital breakthrough when they learn of a death on a previous expedition of Felix's and realise that this isn't about property, it's about revenge. As someone is thrown into serious danger from the top of Malton Scar Barnaby and Nelson race to save the day and solve the mystery.