SHAUN DINGWALL plays Carter Smith
Shaun Dingwall enjoyed being reunited with actress Geraldine James in Midsomer Murders.

"I worked with Geraldine before in Crime and Punishment and ironically that's what my character talks about with Barnaby, and he is reading the book in the pub.

"We filmed it seven years ago, in St Petersburg, and Geraldine is great fun and good to work with. It's a big ask to go into a part where two characters have known each other for years but because we had worked together before we were straight in there!"

In 'Fit for Murder', Shaun's character Carter Smith is involved in an unusual relationship with Geraldine's character Miranda Bedford.

Says Shaun: "Carter is enigmatic and has a relationship with an older woman, but it's purely platonic. It's a bit odd - he says that he mows the lawn and reads the manuscripts of her novel, and that is pretty much what happens.

"The fascination for me about the character is that no-one is quite sure what is going on in his head, but what is really happening is that he loves reading and helping Miranda write. Everyone else reads more into it, and he enjoys that ambiguity and the mischievousness of it."

One person who was pleased to hear about Shaun's role was his mother.

"My mum loves Midsomer and she was delighted I was doing it. You know you are going to be entertained and not shocked too much. It does have plenty of dramatic moments but the knowingness and sense of irony that it has about itself is good.

"I knew that it was going to be John Nettles' last episode and it was good to be part of the end of an era, but I could see there will be a new beginning with Neil Dudgeon taking over."


JASON DURR plays Luke Archbold
Former TV cop Jason Durr was thrilled to play a bit of a rogue in this episode.

"I've always wanted to be in the series and being a part of John Nettles' last episode was great. It's a very professional outfit and everyone was very welcoming.

"Working with John was fun as he had come up to do an episode of Heartbeat so it was good to repay the gesture and see how he did it on his patch. I grew up with Bergerac so it was really enjoyable working with him. Wherever he goes there tends to be a lot of crime."

Jason plays Luke Archbold, who runs an upmarket spa hotel with his wife Phoebe (Lesley Manville). But all is not what it seems in the glossy resort.

Explains Jason: "Luke is striving for the best but achieving the worst. He tries his level best to keep a stiff upper lip, he keeps calm and carries on when all around are losing their heads, but beneath it all he is falling to bits.

"The guests who stay at the manor would never know that they are a bit down at heel. He puts a brave face on it but the world financial crisis has hit Swavely Manor and they are up to their necks."

Adds Jason: "I live in the countryside and the cast are lucky to work in such a beautiful part of the world. But it's also a dangerous place - Luke has spent too much time there and become a casualty."

Like John Nettles, Jason knows what it's like to play a policeman in a long-running drama. He was DC Mike Bradley in 120 episodes of Heartbeat, filmed over six years.

"I still get recognised from Heartbeat but I wanted to leave when the going was good so I went out on a real high. I always try and do interesting parts, like Above Suspicion which got great reviews."