Jo Starling - Sarah Smart
Jo was born and brought up in the village of Great Worthy. She's friendly and kind, works at a local donkey sanctuary and lives in a rented cottage with Dianne Price.


Bernard and Yvonne Flack - Ron Cook and Melanie Kilburn
Bernard owns the village hardware store; he's an old fashioned man in an old fashioned shop. The landlord of Jo and Dianne's house, he's also a voyeur. But his wife Yvonne has him sussed.


David Orchard - Adrian Rawlins
A local teacher of history and French, David lives alone in a house he has been doing up for years, waiting for his fiancée to return from South Africa. He's a polite, helpful man.


Malcolm Merryman - Andrew Buckley
Malcolm is a bit of a slob. He's in charge of his parents' small, downmarket filling station at the edge of the village and has to wait on his parents hand and foot.


Fran Carter - Daisy Haggard
The local vet, Fran is in her late 20s. She once had plans for a civil partnership but the relationship failed. Despite this, she's a friendly, happy person.


Liz Tomlin - Pam Ferris
Liz owns the donkey sanctuary in Great Worthy. She once represented the area as a registrar but decided to retire, depressed at the number of failed marriages she'd seen.


Sam Tomlin - Thomas Arnold
Sam is the 30-year-old son of Liz. He helps his mum run the sanctuary and is a bit 'save the rainforests'. He's good friends with Dianne and Jo.


Matt Rowntree - Lee Boardman
A no-nonsense ex-copper who jacked in the job to run the local pub. Thanks to his wife he has made a success of it.


Nikki Rowntree - Kacey Ainsworth
Matt's wife Nikki is a bit older than him. She was involved in the sex trade and has a criminal record. Attractive and sexy, she's great behind the bar.


Len Merryman - Malcolm Terris
Malcolm's elderly father is disabled, especially when it suits him. He spends almost all day slumped in a chair watching TV.


Olive Merryman - Jane Thorne
Malcolm's mum is also elderly and lazy, and also spends her days in front of the TV.


Frank Bertram - Edward Clayton
Frank is a volunteer worker at the heritage steam railway site.