Jack Colby - Pip Donaghy
A former sergeant at Causton police station and an ex-colleague of Barnaby's, Jack retrained as a probation officer after leaving the force and now works at Midsomer Holm, a halfway house for ex-convicts.


Gina Colby - Clare Higgins
Once a high flying DI, Gina left the force to become a counsellor. With the help of Lord Holm, she set up Midsomer Holm and is committed to her work with reformed ex-criminals.


Victor Godbold (Lord Holm) - Edward Petherbridge
Victor is the ninth Lord Holm, a handsome aristocrat, haunted by the murder of his wife Maria. He appears absent minded and relies on his staff to run the estate.


Ronnie Tyler - Christopher Fairbank
A former gangster brought to justice by Barnaby, who has recently spent time at Midsomer Holm, Ronnie is now ready to leave the community.


Eddie Marston - Nigel Harrison
Eddie is a convicted blackmailer and a shifty character, who is leaving jail to join the halfway house of Midsomer Holm, despite the misgivings of Barnaby.


Lionel Poulter - Chris Barrie
The village postman, Lionel is nervous and seems frightened of Eddie Marston.


Dr Wyatt - Philip Bond
Dr Wyatt is a country doctor who was recruited by Gina to work with the staff and residents of Midsomer Holm.


Tommy Crinney - Keith Drinkel
A no-nonsense handyman on the Holm estate, recently promoted in charge of administration.


Melissa Shrike - Marcia Warren
Melissa is Lord Holm's housekeeper and is devoted to her boss. She's slim, sixty and as sharp as her secateurs.


Angie Walker - Sue Jenkins
The barmaid in the lounge of the Safe Haven pub, Angie is in her 40s and a looker, jealously protected by her husband Bob.


Bob Walker - Sion Tudor Owen
Bob is landlord of the Safe Haven and is the taciturn keeper of the Snug bar.


Lenny Leigh - Martyn Whitby
In his 50s, Lenny is senior conductor on the railways and an all round good egg.