Detailed Synopsis

Reformed criminal Ronnie Tyler prepares to leave Midsomer Holm, a tranquil village and halfway house founded by Lord Holm and detective-turned-psychotherapist Professor Gina Colby. At the heart of the village is an historic camera obscura.

New arrival Eddie Marston takes Ronnie's place, which DCI Barnaby is uneasy about. Meanwhile Gina's husband Jack, a former DS at Causton, is having trouble sleeping, haunted by the past.

Jack and Barnaby were close, but Jack can't open up to his old colleague now. He left the force under a cloud after Lord Holm was jailed for killing his unfaithful wife Maria with the handle from the camera obscura. Maria's conquests included the Friday Nighters - policemen who had sex with her in the cells while Jack was on duty.

After the scandal, Gina had resigned and retrained as a counsellor, and had visited Lord Holm in prison. When he got early release, he invited her to expand her work with offenders. Jack, now a probation officer, recommended Eddie for Midsomer Holm, even though he was the cop who got him jailed.

Cully and Simon arrive for a surprise visit, but Barnaby is called away when Jack's Land Rover is found wrecked in a ditch, with Jack dead. Bullard says Jack was murdered with a heavy iron bar.

The detectives learn that Jack was upset by financial problems at Midsomer Holm and his mood changed suddenly a month ago. Meanwhile Eddie Marston has disappeared.

Postman Lionel Poulter, one of the Friday Nighters, intercepts an envelope sent by Jack to Barnaby, containing newspaper cuttings and a threatening note. He phones Eddie but is found by Barnaby and Jones and forced to admit that he's been blackmailing Jack since meeting Eddie in jail. But what was Jack so anxious to hide?