William Bingham - Edward Fox
William and his wife Mary have lived for 35 years as recluses in the grand surroundings of Bingham House. They rarely see their family or communicate with the outside world.


Mary Bingham - Phyllida Law
Mary, like her husband, is in her 80s and lives surrounded by piles of newspapers and pizza boxes. Like William, she is both charming and nuts.


Eddie Stanton - Neil Pearson
A self-made man, Eddie is a pushy, nouveau social climber and would-be MP. He runs Bingham House stud farm with his wife Selina.


Selina Stanton - Beth Goddard
Selina is the daughter of William and Mary Bingham but rarely sees her parents, even though they live next door to Bingham Stud. She is bitchy but still vulnerable.


Verity Stanton - Lucy Briggs-Owen
Eddie's daughter by a previous marriage, Verity is in her mid 20s and fluffy. She's none too bright but is made to be loved.


Maggie Viviani - Haydn Gwynne
Maggie is a laconic, dry local artist who runs a colony for freethinking artists dubbed the Royal Academy. She talks to animals - literally - and is fascinated by space.


Ben Viviani - Julian Ovenden
A Byronic horse handler who works for Bingham Stud, Ben is incapable of resisting the women who can't resist him.


Adam Grace - Nick Brimble
A strong, warm and centred artist and the partner of Maggie Viviani.


Gerry Dawkins - Jeff Rawle
A really irritating, nasal jobsworth from Causton Social Services who takes it upon himself to dig into the lives of the Binghams.


Laurence Fletcher - Simon Dutton
The charmingly smooth and somewhat bent local solicitor, who is William and Mary Bingham's mouthpiece to the outside world.


Josie Parker - Abigail McKern
The deputy head of Causton Comprehensive School, Josie is a thwarted teacher and incorrigible gossip.


Doctor Frost - John Quentin
In his late 70s, Dr Frost is a principled retired doctor with memory problems.