Danny Webb who played Tony Kirby says "Tony thinks of himself as a bit of a ladies' man - the village lothario - when in fact he is the village bore. He sees himself differently from how others see him and he has a skin as thick as a rhino. He's an ex-airline pilot and a bit of a sexual predator. He's always smartly turned out but he's got a ruddy complexion because he likes a drink.

"He doesn't really have any redeeming qualities and that is good fun to play. It's always better to play the bad guy - you have much more fun. It's also liberating to play someone who is so different from yourself."

Danny renewed his friendship with John Netttles during the shoot. "I've known John over the years because I was a hit man in an episode of Bergerac more than 20 years ago. I remember I was very nifty with my hands and did lots of Kung Fu. We had a trip to Spain as well as Jersey.

"Filming Midsomer Murders was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had on film or TV in a long time. It's a smooth running machine and everyone was dedicated to the work, yet relaxed. John is an amazing ambassador for the series - he's such good fun and I respect him hugely as an actor."

Adds Danny: "The family and I always sit round and watch the series and I also like reading crime, although I prefer Raymond Chandler and other American thrillers to the English ones."

Danny's only disappointment was not getting a chance to join in the 1940s dancing in "Dance with the Dead"."I love dancing and my mother taught me how to jive, but unfortunately I don't get to dance in the scene because Tony's too busy chatting up the ladies. He does ask Cully to dance, but gets turned down."

Since filming his episode, Danny has appeared on stage at the Royal Court Theatre in Terry Johnson's new play Piano/Forte.

"I play an Australian character washed up on the cold shores of Britain. I've also been in the BBC series Ancient Rome, playing Licenius in the episode about Constantine. He's an emperor, so that was a bit of a stretch for me!"

Danny's other TV work includes Uncle Adolf, Life Begins, Lewis, Nostradamus, Doctor Who, The Bill, Emmerdale, Shackleton, The Scarlet Pimpernel and Our Friends in the North. He played Morse in Alien³ and his other films include Shiner, Still Crazy, Benjamin's Struggle, The Aryan Couple and True Blue.