Main Characters - Roles

Rosemary Wood - Georgine Anderson
Rosemary is in her early 70s and has never married. Every evening she leaves food and clothes in a lane in Morton Fendle for her brother Ralph who went missing in World War Two.


Frances Kirby - Felicity Dean
Frances is Rosemary's niece and is unhappily married to Tony. She was once an air hostess and is still fit and attractive, and enjoys jogging around the village.


Tony Kirby - Danny Webb
Tony is a few years older than his wife Frances. He met her when he worked as a civil pilot, before becoming an air crash investigator. He likes a drink and believes he is charming.


Elaine Trim - Harriet Thorpe
Twice-divorced Elaine runs the village school of dancing and sees herself as the unofficial matchmaker of Morton Fendle, with mixed results.


Richard Budd - Derek Hutchinson
Village postmaster Richard Budd is a bachelor in his early 50s. He idolises Frances and is desperate to rescue her from her marriage to Tony. Their relationship is politely romantic.


Marissa Clarke - Nicola Redmond
A friend of Elaine's, Marissa is a well-built, friendly and cheerful woman who runs a boarding kennels. She is very Pedigree Chum.


Paul Bright - Ifan Huw Dafydd
Paul collects, repairs and hires out a range of military vehicles and equipment from the Second World War. He is devastated when his son Simon is found dead.


Carol Prentice - Wendy Wason
Single mum Carol struggled to pay the mortgage when her husband walked out on her, so took in Laura Sharp as a lodger. She keeps rejecting amorous advances by Tony Kirby.


Eric Usher - David Henry
Another bachelor of the village, Usher is a retired professional photographer and the local moaner. But he still has an eye for an attractive young lady.


Jim Druce - Geof Leesley
Jim is the landlord of the Airman pub, where Laura worked.


Laura Sharp - Lizzy Watts
Laura is a missing person in her early 20s. She is attractive, tiny and almost childlike. She lodged at the home of Carol Prentice.