Chief Constable Richard Lovell - Paul Shelley
The Chief Constable of Midsomer County Constabulary, Lovell is a superficially powerful man. But his position of authority leaves him less secure than he realises.


Janet Lovell - Jane Booker
Lovell's wife Janet is a little nervous because a housebreaker dubbed The Creeper is sneaking into people's homes in Midsomer while they sleep and stealing from them.


Jack Filby - George Costigan
Jack's in his 50s but works hard at projecting a youthful front. Despite the matey exterior, he's a man who's used to getting what he wants. He lives with his two daughters.


Martha Filby - Amanda Ryan
In her 30s, Martha is attractive in a sexy, spoilt sort of way, but she's a lost soul.


Tallis Filby - Nathalie Cox
Tallis is in her 20s, gorgeous, unkempt, a lover of animals and verging on the feral.


Rupert - Oliver Le Sueur
Rupert is Jack's butler at Chettham Park House. He presents himself outwardly as an impeccable young man, but he is insolent and flirtatious.


Freddy Chettham - Oliver Kieran-Jones
It's impossible not to like Freddy, the 25-year-old son of Isobel and William Chettham. He works in the City for Jack Filby, but it's far from his dream job.


Isobel Chettham - Jenny Agutter
Lady Isobel is in her late 50s, once a great beauty and still very glamorous in a bohemian sort of way. She's happily married to Sir William.


Elizabeth Chettham - Barbara Jefford
Octogenarian Elizabeth is a grande dame of the old school. She hates the fact that the family now live in the Dower House while the Filbys reside in their ancestral home.


William Chettham - Julian Wadham
Sir William is the 12th baronet, a handsome man who's kept his looks. He's had a gallery, a magazine, a record label - but they've all gone bust.


David Roper - Rik Mayall
Freddy's godfather, Roper claims to have beaten the booze but a life of dissolution has left its mark. He's made his name as ghost-writer for a gangster.


Dr Goring - Angela Down
A tweedy hunting-shooting-fishing country GP.


Hugo Greening - Nickolas Grace
A threadbare dandy, a dealer in iffy art and antiques.