Below is a short questionnaire regarding this year's "Midsummer In Midsomer 2008" gathering. Even if you did not attend, the organisers would be grateful if you could let us know what you would ideally like to do, given the chance to spend a weekend in Midsomer!

We are also looking for more people to help organise next year's events and would very much welcome your contribution, if there is anything you feel you could help with.

N.B. All replies will be totally confidential and your name/e-mail address (if submitted) will not be revealed to anyone else.


1. What did you enjoy most about the weekend? What was the highlight for you?



Did you feel that there were enough events over the weekend, too many or did we pitch it
just right? Is there anything you didn't like about it? (please be honest, we won't mind!)



3. Did you consider it good value for money?



Did the information sheets provided beforehand help, and was there anything else that you
would have liked to have known?



5. Were you happy with the booking process?


6. If travelling from abroad did you find anything confusing or difficult to arrange?


7. How would you ideally have liked the weekend to be structured?



Would you prefer a central base for the Convention i.e. hotel you can book + a room
there where everyone can gather in the evenings?


9. Would you be interested in having a location tour, travelling around by coach or mini-bus?



Do you think this should be an annual event, and would you be interested in attending
any additional smaller gatherings - meals out, day trips etc?**




What ideas do you have about where to go and what to do next year? (please bear
in mind this is also a fund raising event).




Is there any event that took place this year that you would love to do again? (boat trip,
quiz and buffet, treasure hunt, meal, steam train etc)



NAME: (Optional)

E-MAIL: (Optional)

COUNTRY: (Required)

Thank you for your comments. In order to make this event work well and raise money for good causes in the future, we do need more people to help with the organisation. If you would like to be part of Midsummer In Midsomer 2009 please e-mail us and we will be in touch in due course. The provisional date for next year's gathering is Friday 19th to Sunday 21st June 2009.