How much do you know about Troy?

1. Who called Troy a Caped Crusader?

a) Colin Cooper
b) Michael Lacey
c) Frederick Bentine-Brown

2. Who called Troy Minnesota Troy?

a) Danny Pinchel
b) Philip Harrison
c) Cully

3. Who called Troy a Flatfooted Country Copper?

a) DS James Noland
b) DC Simon Backley
c) Mark Gudgeon


4. Who called Troy Twinkle Toes?

a) Barnaby
b) Mary Mohan
c) Jay Ness


5. Who called Troy a Cheesy Bugger?

a) Sally Richworth
b) Fransesca Ward
c) Kitty Carmichael


6. Who labelled Troy "kinky"?

a) Doctor Burgess
b) Dave Ripert
c) John Smith


7. Who labelled Troy a "dodgy character"?

a) Melissa Townsend
b) Linda Wagstaff
c) Anne Quarritz


8. Who called Troy "my lovely", whereas he called her a "smashing lady"?

a) Patricia Smith
b) Mrs Bosworth
c) Rosalind Parr


9. Who called Troy both "a fastidious man" and "so thoroughly male"?

a) Barnaby
b) Sarah Pearce
c) Cully


10. A doctor in Judgement day had problems with Troy's name due to his dyslexia - he called him Tory - but who called Troy both Joy and Boy without any valid excuses at all?

a) Ian Eastman
b) Richard Bayley
c) David Whitley


11. Who asked Troy "Surely, you're too young to be a sergeant?

a) Major Teal
b) Sarah Lawton
c) Tristan Goodfellow


12. Who is the only girl Troy called "darling"?

a) Tracy who he met just outside Doctor Cathy's office
b) A girl who worked at the ball-throwing stand in Badger's Drift
c) Barbara Neale


13. Who does Troy call "a little beauty"?

a) Jay Ness
b) Cully
c) Nico


14. In which episode does Barnaby make Troy collect some dog vomit?

a) A worm in bud
b) Destroying angel
c) Garden of death


15. In which episode does Barnaby make Troy jump down in a grave and search for squatters?

a) Talent for life
b) Beyond the grave
c) Ring out your dead


16. In which episode does Barnaby pressure Troy into making a dangerous overtake, almost resulting in a car crash?

a) Dead man's eleven
b) Death's shadow
c) Blood will out


17. In which episode does Barnaby make Troy drink tea together with a large group of retired people?

a) Blue herrings
b) Death and dreams
c) Ring out your dead


18. In which episode does Barnaby make Troy buy a present for his wife?

a) Faithful unto death
b) Written in blood
c) Strangler's wood


19. In which episode does Troy say: "I wouldn't fancy cuddling up at night to a cocker spaniel."

a) Blood will out
b) Death of a hollow man
c) Dark autumn


20. In which episode does Troy say: "No, way, there is no southern slur to the way I talk!

a) The green man
b) Killings at Badger's Drift
c) Death and dreams


21. In which episode does this freaky conversation take place?

Barnaby: Where is Bella....?
The brand new murderer: She is upstairs.
Troy: You said she wasn't here?!
The brand new murderer: She isn't..........

a) Killings at Badger's Drift
b) Judgement Day
c) Written in Blood


22. In which episode does this dialogue take place:

Barnaby, addressing a doctor: If I wanted to drive somebody over the edge, could I do it?
Troy interferes: I'm a living proof of that, Sir!

a) Who killed Cock Robin?
b) Death and dreams
c) Beyond the grave


23. Which episode is this dialogue taken from?

Barnaby: Don't look now, but we are being watched.
Troy looks over his right shoulder
Barnaby: O, don't look!!
Troy: The house?
Barnaby: Garden

a) Death in disguise
b) Strangler's wood
c) Destroying angel


24. Which episode is this conversation taken from:

Barnaby: When did you hear a shot last night?
Linda Wagstaff: When I was in bed.
Troy: What time did you go to bed?
Linda Wagstaff: When I was tired of course.

a) Death of a stranger
b) Tainted fruit
c) Destroying angel


25. Which episode is this dialogue taken from:

Troy making inquiries about a murder: But do you know who did it?
Barnaby: As a matter of fact I think I do.
Troy: Well, who is it?
Barnaby: Do you really want to know? I think it was you!

a) Strangler's wood
b) The green man
c) Dead man's eleven


26. In what kind of place does this dialogue take place:

Troy: Sir, you said "Troy, there is nothing here for us. File it under FORGET!"
Barnaby: That was before we found the smoked mackerel.

a) A museum
b) A pub
c) A cafeteria


27. Barnaby exclaims: "This is Sgt Troy, and this is a spade, and between them they are going to dig a hole in your garden". What did Troy eventually dig up?

a) A pair of wellingtons
b) A pot of shepherd's pie
c) Nothing at all


28. Who wrote the poem "So, we'll go no more a-roving" which was included in the book that Troy bought for Jay?

a) Lord Byron
b) Alfred Tennyson
c) Robert Browning


29. What did Troy think Joyce's painted clouds looked like in Painted in blood?

a) People
b) Whiskers
c) Trees


30. What kind of animals did Troy have to pass through in order to reach Mrs Cook - the woman who amongst other goodies had a cake which was "begging" Troy to stay?

a) Goats
b) Cows
c) Dogs



20 - 30 Points - Congratulations, you are a true Troy fan!
10 - 19 Points - You know a lot about Troy but could learn some more
0 - 9 Points - Time to watch those videos/DVDs again over Christmas - what better excuse!


With thanks to Annika Björk for compiling this quiz