The Hon. Edward Fitzroy - Charles Edwards
Edward Fitzroy, known as Ned, is 35 and the current head of the family. His love for Beth Porteous has been no secret. He's a firm believer in family honour and in the innate superiority of England's old families.


The Hon. Henry Fitzroy - Mark Umbers
At 33, Harry is the younger son and behaves as younger sons of great families often do. He's a bit of a wastrel and plays little or no part in the upkeep of the estate. Unsurprisingly, he is also a charmer.


Beth Porteous - Elisabeth Dermot Walsh
Beth is in her early 30s and also from an old Midsomer family. Ned's feelings for Beth have been evident for a long time, although until now she has deflected his proposals of marriage.


Robin Lawson - Martin Wenner
Robin was brought up on the Fitzroy estate and his father was estate manager before him. He lives in a grace and favour house annexed to Bledlow Hall.


Marcus Fitzroy - Nicholas Palliser
The Reverend Marcus Fitzroy is uncle to Ned and Harry. Marcus is continuing the family tradition of a Fitzroy having the living attached to the Bledlow Estate.


Randall Colquhoun - Simon Paisley Day
A family friend to the Fitzroys since childhood, Randall also believes the old families of England are better than the common herd. He lives to play the stock market.


Marina Fellowes - Beth Chalmers
Marina, Beth's maid of honour, is in her 30s. It's not generally known that Marina carried a torch for Ned Fitzroy - though it's no secret to some.


Mary Cooper - Veronica Roberts
The cook at Bledlow Hall, Mary is a no-nonsense woman who knows more about the family she works for than they might imagine.


Sally Fielding - Emma Cunniffe
The housekeeper at the hall, Sally is efficient and gets on generally well with the family. She is single and takes a shine to Jones, who is not slow to respond, nor to use their budding relationship to get some inside track on the Fitzroys.


Peggy Benson - Denyse Alexander
In her early 70s, Peggy was cook at Bledlow Hall when Sir Gerald and Lady Caroline Fitzroy were young. She was also the local midwife.


Maurice Morrison - Patrick Barlow
Maurice is a wedding organiser to the rich and famous.