Faye Lennox - Emma Cooke
An attractive woman in her 40s, Faye is Jack Fincher's farm manager and not-so-secret lover.

Jack Fincher - David Rintoul
A farmer and leading light in the Ford Florey Wild West Club, who enjoys the cowboy costumes and legends a bit too much. Jack owns Home Farm and also claims to own the disputed Swamp.

Susan Fincher - Caroline Langrishe
Jack's estranged and embittered wife, soon to be divorced, and the step-mother of Leo.

Leo Fincher - Richard Harrington
In his 30s, Leo is Jack's son and a bit of a tearaway with a record of dangerous driving. He's used to hard work and, like his father, doesn't suffer fools gladly.

Fergal Jenner - Pip Torrens
A smart, lascivious and opportunistic solicitor, who considers the Wild West Club a bit of a joke, although he's happy to help Jack's cause where there's money involved.

Jude Langham - Kenneth Cranham
A countryman born and bred, Jude is a stained glass artist with a long-standing grudge against the Finchers who evicted his family years ago.

Dan Malko - Justin Avoth
Dan is the champion of the local travellers' cause and acts as their spokesman. He wants to buy The Swamp as a permanent camp for them.

Mary Morgan - Kika Markham
In her 50s, Mary is a rambler, and the confidante and lover of Jude Langham. She's no fan of Jack Fincher.

Silas Burbage - Malcolm Storry
A farmer in his 60s, who owns Sternhill but is in debt. He also claims to own the disputed Swamp.

Adam Burbage - Daniel Ryan
Silas's son, who works as an optician and is also a founder member of the Wild West Club. He enjoys wearing the cowboy clothes and has the shooting skills to go with it.