Kenneth Cranham was delighted to get the call to join the cast of Midsomer Murders.

"I am one of the last actors left who's had not been in it, and I've had friends who've been in it a few times, so it was good news when I got the offer.

"I know John Nettles very well because we were at the Bristol Old Vic in the 1970s along with Paul Eddington and I appeared in plays with both of them. They subsequently went on to become very successful television actors, as I did too in Shine on Harvey Moon, which was watched by 12 million viewers in its time.

"Since we were in the theatre company together, John and I have met up in social situations and I was in the Christmas special of Bergerac one year so we had a great week in Aix en Provence, eating and drinking. I salivate at the memory!"

In 'Blood on the Saddle', Kenneth plays Jude Langham, a stained glass artist who gets caught up in an ownership feud over wasteland near Ford Florey.

"Jude is a countryman who thinks he owns a bit of land and it will all come to him, but it gets complicated. He has a lover, played by Kika Markham, and we were lovers in the 60s on radio, so it was a good reunion. It's much easier when you know each other.

"Thank God I didn't have to wear a cowboy outfit unlike a lot of the cast and do any shooting. I did get hurt with a squib once in a stunt years back and that put me off. I'm a big girl's blouse really!"



Caroline Langrishe had great fun dressing up as a Wild West saloon girl.

"There is a fantasy sequence involving the Wild West Club and it was such fun. I had a great costume, with a white petticoat sticking out, ringlets put in my hair and lovely jewellery, so I looked like a barmaid. The whole street was made to look like a Western film and everyone took it really seriously. It was hilarious.

"The whole episode was a real treat for me. I got to do all sorts of things that I am never normally asked to do - stunts, horses, getting thwacked about by my husband, wearing a cowgirl outfit and being shot at through my kitchen window. All in all, pretty full on!

"My first movie was a western called The Eagle's Wing, filmed in Mexico when I was 19, so it really took me back."

Caroline plays Susan Fincher, the wronged wife of farmer Jack Fincher, the marshal in the Wild West Club.

"Susan is a slightly psychotic character. She is beaten up by her husband who has been shagging some village girl. So I think she is very justified in what she does."

Caroline followed her younger daughter, Rosalind Drury, into Midsomer Murders.

"Rosalind was in Midsomer before me, and I was outraged. She was playing the younger version of Alice Krieg in a flashback. But as it transpired my role was so good, it was worth the wait.

"I've wanted to work with John Nettles for ages and he more than lived up to my expectations. I've had some difficult leading men in my career, and it was so refreshing to work with someone of his stature who has such integrity and is such a delight. I was also so lucky that most of my material was with John and Jason. Sometimes you don't get to meet the main man, so that was a bonus."