Norman Swanscombe - Peter Egan
Norman prospered as a City accountant and has now retired early and returned to his roots in the village of Great Pelfe, where he has built an ultra-modern new house.


Eleanor Swanscombe - Jill Baker
Norman's wife Eleanor is a bit marooned in Great Pelfe and misses her children, who are grown up and living in London - a world she knows and likes better than the country.


James Otley - Dominic Mafham
Otley is a local vet and a Midsomer County Councillor. He's a frustrated man, in a stale marriage and would like more excitement, glamour and adventure in his life.


Liz Gerrard - Amanda Drew
Midsomer County Council's planning officer, Liz is attractive, intelligent and ambitious - which means she's quite willing to share a bed with an attractive colleague or contact if they can do her some good.


Maureen Stubbs - Joan Blackham
Maureen is a widow and the leading light in the Midsomer Conservation Society. She is passionate about preserving the villages as they are, to the point of rudeness and even law-breaking.


Angela Lawrence - Dorothy Atkinson
Divorcee Angela is secretary of the Midsomer Conservation Society, an apparently dowdy dogsbody who hides a capacity for manipulation and criminality.


Major David Walsh - David Annen
Major Walsh is a retired army officer standing as an independent candidate in the Midsomer council elections. He's a bit of an action man, but rather naive about personal relationships.


Clifford Bunting - Alistair Petrie
Twice-divorced Clifford is a gifted architect who is quite willing to take on hack word to make ends meet. He's rather egotistical and abrasive.


Fiona Conway - Linda Marlowe
The sole surviving heir of the local squire, Fiona was a raver in the 60s and 70s who now lives alone in the decaying manor house amid the family's fading glories. Fiona is determined to grow old disgracefully.


Geoff Rogers - Hugo Speer
Rogers is a self-made local builder who dreams of the big time. He's chronically unfaithful to his wife and not averse to corruption.


Gemma Rogers - Polly Kemp
Gemma never expected to be the wife of a successful businessman. She doesn't understand Geoff's ducking and diving and he makes no effort to enlighten her.