Main Characters - Roles



Faith Alexander - Lisa Eichhorn
A clean-cut American woman in her mid 40s, Faith lacks in confidence and style. She leaves Philadelphia to visit her uncle, Rex Masters, in Midsomer following a family feud that has lasted 40 years.


Miles King - David Troughton
Miles has known Rex since his childhood and helps out in his garden at Stonecroft House. He's in his 60s, fit and handsome, but is a slightly dodgy ne'er do well.


Janet Bailey - Emily Woof
Rex's cleaner Janet is loyal to her boss. She is engaged to local museum curator Jeremy Thacker and befriends Faith when she arrives.


Eileen Carnack - Linda Bassett
A receptionist at the surgery run by her GP husband Richard, Eileen is in her 50s and appears tense and unfulfilled. She helps Rex by cooking for his many dinner parties.


Richard Carnack - Malcolm Stoddard
Richard is a solid, dependable doctor in Midsomer Deverell. He is married to Eileen but doesn't know how to make his wife happy.


Jeremy Thacker - Samuel West
Jeremy is curator of the museum set up to honour his mother Lucinda, who became a famous missionary, Mama Lucy of Ethiopia. He is engaged to Janet Bailey and devoted to his mother's memory.


Jack Pearce - John Cater
The village lock-keeper, Jack lives in a cottage near the weir and is a countryman in his 70s.


Amie Pearce - Freda Dowie
Amie is a traditional, yet intelligent country wife, married to Jack.


Jane Benbow - Helen Masters
A smart solicitor, based in Causton, Jane is the lawyer to Rex Masters.


Rex Masters - Richard Johnson
Larger than life Rex is charming, urbane and enjoys a bit of mischief. A retired society photographer, he lives in style at his lavish country home Stonecroft House.


Alan - William Hope
An American, Alan is in his 40s, slick and manipulative.