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Nadia Simons - Naoko Mori

A revered wine critic, she has an acid tongue and an arched eyebrow at all times. It's Nadia's world and we just live in it.


William Carnarvon - Mark Bonnar

A middle-class dreamer who pursued his dream of living the bucolic life and starting his own vineyard. William is ineffectual and selfish.


Diana Carnarvon - Ruth Gemmell

William's wife and a selfless grafter at the end of her tether, Diana is determined to have a happy successful family after always bearing the brunt of her mother's disappointments.


Ryan Carnarvon - Tom Rhys Harries

Ryan takes after William, his father. He's a hormonal dreamer who will squander his considerable musical talent on teenage infatuation and romantic notions.


Matilda Stowe - Claire Bloom

Diana's mother and a merry widow who loves her grandson but is not convinced her son-in-law and daughter have his best interests at heart.


Louis Paynton - Lloyd Owen

Farming estate owner turned hotelier, Louis thinks his success gives him the right to take whatever he wants, including Diana.


Kevin Paynton - Max Bennett

Louis' son, who is more enamoured with the wine industry than hotels, much to his father's disappointment. He's a dreamer in need of a decent father figure.


Elspeth Rice - Selina Griffiths

Elspeth is a district nurse who presents herself as a people's champion. However she has more selfish motives.


Roger Tyler - Wayne Foskett

The handyman and night porter at the Vine Hotel, Roger is very protective of his remaining daughter and he'll do anything to safeguard her and his vulnerable wife.


Judy Tyler - Rosie Cavaliero

Roger's wife Judy is so frustrated and heartbroken at the iniquitous loss of her daughter that she's forgotten she still has a living child. She appears to be beset with a panic disorder.


Tina Tyler - Sabrina Bartlett

Roger and Judy's daughter Tina is desperate for affection and attention. She's hormonally in love with Ryan and is a hopeless romantic with a tender heart.


PC Carolyn Florrie - Jaye Jacobs

PC Florrie is a no nonsense police officer who's brutally honest and unguarded but also caring and great fun.


Ida Romano - Amalia Vitale

The Barnaby's new nanny. She's friendly and efficient to the point of irritation.