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The launch of the latest sparkling wine by Midsomer Vinae Winery falls flat when wine critic Nadia Simons gives it a scathing review, then guests sampling the vintage start to collapse.


Owner William Carnarvon suspects the Farmers Wives Association of trying to destroy his business while his wife Diana frets over her mother Matilda, one of the victims.


Kate reveals the wine was laced with slug poison while campaigner and district nurse Elspeth Rice convenes an urgent meeting. At the nearby Vine Hotel, boss Louis Paynton tells detectives he sold his family's farm to the Carnarvons to establish the winery.


The villagers blame the vineyard for the death of 10-year-old Jessica Tyler, daughter of hotel porter Roger and his wife Judy, because Jessica was struck by a hit-and-run driver followingan earlier boozy wine launch. Nadia's car was seen speeding from the scene.


Nadia is drinking again when a car drives straight at her. She recovers consciousness briefly only to find herself trapped in the vineyard's fermentation room with no air supply. Louis' son Kevin discovers her body - she died from carbon dioxide poisoning. Barnaby and Nelson search Nadia's room and find cash and air tickets to the south of France.


Kevin, a loyal worker at the winery, is angry when his dad tells him he wants to buy it from the struggling Carnarvons. Meanwhile the Tylers' surviving daughter Tina plans to run away with the Carnarvon's son Ryan. Nelson discovers Nadia had been sacked for taking bribes in return for good reviews and had cirrhosis of the liver. Judy tells police that since Jessica's death she has hardly been outside, but is comforted by Elspeth. Elspeth is worried aboutfalling water levels in the pond.


William and Diana face losing the vineyard but Matilda wants to give her cash to Ryan instead - only if he takes up a prestigious offer to study music. They deny paying Nadia for a good review and refuse Louis' offer to buy them out. Later Louis is called to a guest's bedroom and falls to his death from the window, apparently pushed. Kevin tells police his father never took no for an answer - especially where women were concerned.


Tina and Ryan pack to leave, but as Tina waits by the pond she is dragged into the bushes. Kevin, now owner of the Vine Hotel, offers to go into partnership with William, but his mentor is offended not flattered and tells a hurt Kevin he is as bad as his father.


Kate reviews Jessica's case and finds the collision was low speed, so it's unlikely to be Nadia. Ryan fears he's been jilted, until he spots Tina's backpack by the pond. Police divers are called but instead of Tina, they find a small rusting red car underwater. Ryan's parents are angry at the plans to elope and even Matilda turns against him.


Diana admits she applied for bankruptcy - she paid Nadia for a bad review because she wanted the vineyard to close. She also admits to poisoning the wine. Meanwhile time is running out for Tina who is bound and gagged and trapped in a cellar as wine begins to cascade dangerously from above. Can police find her in time and discover who really killed Jessica - and Nadia and Louis?