Filming in Chesham, Buckinghamshire 2004 for
'Things that Go Bump in the Night'


Inside the Crystal Goddess shop where filming took place


I have always enjoyed the Midsomer Murders, and we were all thrilled when an episode last year involved the book shop next door to us in Market Square, Chesham.

Can you imagine my surprise when Location Manager, Casper Mill, approached us early in the Spring to ask if the shop would consider hosting the production crew and members of the cast for scenes of the first episode in the 8th series.

It took precisely half a nanosecond for me to consider the request and I said 'Yes of course, when would Inspector Barnaby like to visit'!!! After numerous visits by Casper, the director Peter Smith and production crew, the shop site was indeed selected for shoots on 16th and 31st May 2004.

The props department made preparations prior to any filming, and the shop was fitted with beautiful flowing curtains etc. which looked lovely, and because the filming was over two weeks, the shop merchandise had to stay in the same place, which was a challenge when customers wanted to buy things!

The Crystal Goddess is used (for several scenes) in the episode 'Things that Go Bump in the Night' as 'herself' which is a shop for body, mind and spirit that sells crystals in natural, carved and polished forms, as well as books, tarot cards, jewellery etc.

Items were used on-set in the shop by the cast, and I was lucky to meet John Nettles (DCI Tom Barnaby) and John Hopkins (DS Dan Scott) and other members of the cast who needed to discuss aspects of crystals and their healing properties, mediumship and divination with the tarot in relation to this episode.

I was indeed 'in my element' as tarot first interested me in the mid 1980's and I studied for 3 years with a group, learning about the Rider Waite deck in association with the mystical Qaballah and middle pillar meditation - all considered quite weird then but less so nowadays!!

On the last day of the shoot, I also met the producer Brian True-May and his wife, both interested in crystals in addition to monitoring the progress of Inspector Barnaby! When the filming was finished, the actors gone and the crew packed up, the props department were last to quickly clear the shop, and help set it back to her usual self. All of the cast and crew were quite simply...wonderful.

It is also quite wonderful that so many people are drawn to crystals and other forms of alternative therapies at this time, and this opening of attitudes and interest, prompted me to open The Crystal Goddess in November 2001, not only as a shop, but as a connection point for people with a variety of spiritual interests, where they can be inspired and uplifted in a calm and tranquil environment.

We are now all looking forward to seeing 'Things that Go Bump in the Night'.

With light & love from The Goddesses
Sandie, Gill and Liz
17 Market Square,
Bucks. HP5 1HG
01494 794141
Open Tuesday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.30 p.m.


Director Peter Smith with some of the crew
Photo copyright Sandie Scagell