Lynne Fox - Maggie Steed
A veteran campaigner at Greenham Common, and whilst the politics have changed the passion hasn't. She likes nothing better than good old-fashioned protest and will cycle for miles to get there. Lynne is also psychic.


Ron Wilson - Albert Welling
Ron is a haunted man in his 50s, wounded by the world and wary of all it might bring to his door.


Alyssa Bradley - Marion Bailey
A woman haunted by the loss of her son 19 years ago. Alyssa doesn't care much for her appearance, smokes heavily and is under medication. She still wears the clothes from when her son disappeared.


Spud - Ben Crompton
A young protestor and activist, Spud is wiry, with cropped hair and an open, innocent look. He's very agile.


Charlotte Knight - Indra Ove
Charlotte is a bright young woman, who despite the past has retained an open and vulnerable quality. Slim, bespectacled, she has the capacity to surprise.


Jack Purdy - Matthew Flynn
A big man who's gone flabby, Jack has always been a bully. He's loud, aggressive and very competitive.


Mark Purdy - Shaun Dooley
Mark is a softer version of Jack and hasn't let himself go the way his brother has. He's a clean cut man with a nice smile and is about to marry Louise.


Louise - Kate Miles
Louise is engaged to Mark but she also had a relationship with Jack in the past. She's very aware of her looks and the impact she has on men. She's sexy in an obvious way but is also tough and ambitious.


Stacey Purdy - Nia Roberts
Jack's wife Stacey struggles with her weight and having children hasn't helped. She spends money on her looks and is tough and straight-talking.


Patrick Bradley - Harry Peacock
Awkward looking, Patrick is disarming and innocent, deadly and without fear. He's very strong and self-willed. A life hidden away has given him an animal instinct.