The deaths of Ron Wilson and his wife Libby shock the village of Dunstan in Midsomer. The couple, who became reclusive after the death of their son Michael in a road accident, were apparently victims of a botched burglary.


Veteran campaigner and psychic Lynne Fox, who discovered the bodies, is leading protests against a village bypass. Brutish wheeler-dealer Jack Purdy has won the right to flatten Alyssa Bradley's house to make way for the road, but Alyssa fears her long-lost son Patrick will have nowhere to return to.


Charlotte Knight, a photographer and school friend of Jones', is helping police at the crime scene, Honeysuckle Cottage. Barnaby senses something is not right there.


Mark Purdy, Jack's brother, is getting married to Louise, who once had a tempestuous relationship with Jack. The couple plan to start a secret new life away from the village. But at the stag and hen nights, Jack attacks Spud, a protester, then meets up with Louise. The next day, Lynne finds Jack dead in his car, covered in red paint.


Barnaby discovers Jack had few friends but was loyal to a secret childhood bond formed with Mark, Louise and Charlotte. Jones recalls that it was Jack's father whose car killed Michael Wilson - is Jack's death somehow connected to Ron and Libby's?


At the wedding, Lynne warns Mark that avenging spirits are heading his way. Then Barnaby finds her snooping around Honeysuckle Cottage with Spud. Red paint on his clothes matches Jack's car.


As Charlotte goes through the wedding photos, she spies a mysterious figure in goggles. Meanwhile Mark and Louise argue at the reception - Louise runs off alone but is viciously attacked and left for dead. Her last words tell of someone back from the grave. A terrified Charlotte fears she is next.


Mark is devastated, but Barnaby thinks he is hiding something. Alyssa also suspects that Mark, Jack, Louise and Charlotte were involved in Patrick's disappearance. Meanwhile, a computer-aged photo of Patrick looks remarkably like Spud.


Charlotte's studio is petrol bombed but she escapes, giving Jones a memory card from her camera. On it is a picture of the mysterious man in goggles.


Barnaby confronts Mark, who finally tells him what happened the day Patrick disappeared and the guilty secret the four friends have kept for 19 years. But will his confession lead police to the killer of Ron, Libby, Jack and Louise?