Schoolteacher Connie Bishop keeps waking in the night, convinced she has an intruder. Just days later a local councillor, said to be obsessed with her, is found murdered in her garden. Is Connie the innocent victim she seems? Barnaby and Jones uncover jealous rivals, ruthless social climbers and a cottage with secrets as they search for the killer in Badger’s Drift.


The peace of Badger’s Drift is disturbed when schoolteacher Connie Bishop screams in fright that she has an intruder. Most of the villagers dismiss her fears as an overactive imagination, although matriarch Mrs Stroud claimed a man was seen lurking in the area.


Trophy wife Zukie Richardson wants Connie removed as chair of the Frobisher Night Committee – a fundraising dinner-dance. Zukie wants to make the event grander and persuades her rich husband Howard to pay for a marquee. Connie is reduced to tears at the meeting and Councillor Jim Hanley is angry because he wants all the money to go the local school.


Connie wakes in the night, hearing a creaking floorboard. She arms herself with a knife and calls the police. Stephens arrives to find the body of Jim Hanley in the garden while Connie has a shower.


Zukie claims Jim was obsessed with Connie. She wants to extend her cottage, and Jim was on the planning committee. Connie has other admirers - from shy sculptor Justin Hooper to slimy womaniser Laurence Mann. Laurence offers to change Connie’s locks and muck-rakes Justin’s reputation, accusing him of wanting to bed Connie to get his old cottage back. The next day, Connie freezes out Justin.


After fixing the lock, Laurence shares a bottle or two of wine with Connie. She wakes in the night to find him in the summerhouse, with his throat cut. She tells Barnaby and Jones that Laurence claimed to know the identity of Jim’s murderer.


Mrs Stroud and her daughter Imogen tell Connie that Justin loves her. She apologies and invites him to supper. Jones searches for Justin’s ex-girlfriend – she disappeared suddenly, forcing him to sell the cottage.


Connie asks Justin to stay in her spare room – but he awakes to find her sleepwalking and trying to kiss him. When the police arrive, Connie confesses she may have committed the murders in her sleep, saying she heard voices saying ‘kill him’. Is she bluffing?


The detectives discover the cottage is bugged, and sound effects are being generated remotely. A webcam leads them to the Frobisher Night marquee – where Howard is about to make his speech&ldots;