Connie Bishop - Nancy Carroll

Connie is a schoolteacher who is unaware of her attractiveness and doesn't make the most of it. Intense and mercurial, she has been giving men a rest since a relationship turned sour a few years ago. She is chair of the fundraising Frobisher Night committee.


Justin Hooper - Bertie Carvel

Justin was educated at public school and has become a sculptor - with talent but limited success. He's lacking in confidence and is sensitive and a little naïve.


Mrs Stroud - Paola Dionisotti

Redoubtable, down to earth and tweedy, Mrs Stroud knows all about the village and villagers of Badger's Drift, thanks to her 20 year career at the local council.


Imogen Stroud - Monica Dolan

Mrs Stroud's daughter Imogen is highly sexed but a bit awkward and uncomfortable in herself. She's in her mother's shadow but has a few secrets.


Zukie Richardson - Suzanne Burden

A trophy wife, though a little bit over the hill now, Zukie is married to Howard and is a tactless and insensitive social climber. She feels the Frobisher Night committee could do with a glamorous rethink.


Howard Richardson - Paul Chapman

Howard is a retired electronics boffin. He's well dressed, by his wife. He finds Zukie's charms hard to resist but these days there is often a price to pay.


Jane Menzies - Claire Oberman

One of Zukie's lunch-a-lot friends, Jane is not as perfectly groomed as Zukie and is secretly envious of her.


Vince - John Ramm

The landlord of the Black Swan in Badger's Drift who has a knowing eye, and is a bit of a wind-up merchant.


Laurence Mann - Paul Kaye

Laurence is the local womaniser, confident and sharp but not to be trusted. He's very keen to help Connie in her hour of need.


Jim Hanley - Tim Wylton

A local councillor and chair of the planning committee, who's also a great advocate of Neighbourhood Watch. Jim is pompous and a bit depressed.


Mr and Mrs Fuller - John Atterbury and Deddie Davies

A nice couple in their 70s, the Fullers are friendly but a bit beige. Not the sort of people Zukie wants to attend Frobisher Night.