Main Characters - Roles


Henry Marwood - Dominic Jephcott
Henry runs Hermitage Farm and is crippled by debt. He's also chairman of all-male group the Riders of Broughton, but has a relaxed, patrician attitude. His wife Vivienne has just died after a long battle with MS.


Roland Marwood - Joseph Kennedy
Henry's son Roland has an attitude that is far from relaxed and frequently fuelled by drink. His avowed misogyny has been reinforced by the recent death of his mother.


Rev Anthony Gant - Richard McCabe
Henry's gay half-brother is the rector of Broughton. He's an arrogant, obsessive, acid but intelligent high church cleric, keen on smells and bells - but violently opposed to the ordination of women.


Doctor O'Dowd - Struan Rodger
Now in his 60s, Kieron O'Dowd is the local GP who assuages the pain of unrequited love with whiskey. He wants to see the battle of the sexes end in truce and harmony.


Peggy Aynscombe - Sian Thomas
Unmarried Peggy is president of the Skimmington Society and the most powerful person in the village. Dynamic and charismatic, she has steered Aynscombe Farm to spectacular economic success.


Fiona Aynscombe - Jessica Brooks
Peggy's daughter resents her mother's low-key response to a legal challenge from the Riders of Broughton. She is a firebrand feminist true to the Skimmington tradition.


Mildred Danvers - Ann Morrish
Now in her 70s, Mildred left Broughton before the fire and lived an exotic life of foreign travel. She returns to become the Skimmingtons' Honorary President.


Lorna Hastings - Sandra Voe
Lorna lost her husband and infant son to the flames of the farm fire but has since become friend and confidante to Peggy. She chairs the Skimmington Society.


Cathy Hewlett - Hattie Ladbury
One of the new breed of ordained women, Cathy was appointed deacon to counter the rampant misogyny of the rector. Her radical feminism is muscular and aggressive.


Archdeacon Able - Shaughan Seymour
A middle-aged friend of Mildred Danvers, the Archdeacon had some influence in the appointment of both Gant and Cathy to the ministry in Broughton.


Alan - Andrew Hawkins
Gravedigger Alan was orphaned as an infant by the fire at Marwood Hall. He seeks solace in communication with the dead souls of the victims of that disastrous event