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Molly Darnley - June Whitfield

Molly is in her late 80s and was part of the Air Transport Auxiliary during the Second World War, delivering Spitfires and Lancasters to the front line. She is steely, inspirational and conscientious, but hiding a dark secret.


Perry Darnley - Robert Bathurst

Molly's son Perry runs Finchmere Airfield and was a commercial pilot until losing his job recently. Tortured, ineffectual and weak, Perry is henpecked by his wife, Miranda.


Miranda Darnley - Sara Stewart

Miranda is ambitious and likes to cause trouble. She feels no great pride in the Darnley family heritage. Miranda enjoys a drink but won't let friendship get in the way of business.


Alex Darnley - Oliver Rix

A charming, dashing RAF officer and stunt pilot, Alex is in a relationship with Jessie, who works at Finchmere. But their romance is under threat from their mutual friend, Gavin.


Jessie Rayner - Scarlett Alice Johnson

A lovely girl with ambition and drive, Jessie is receptionist at the airfield and is determined to better herself. This causes friction with her father, Eddie, who fears she is losing her identity.


Eddie Rayner - Phil Cornwell

Jessie's dad Eddie is an embittered man with a chip on his shoulder. He can't move on from his wife's death and has become obsessed with goings-on at Finchmere.


Gavin Hopkirk - Lex Shrapnel

The Junior Flying instructor at Finchmere, Gavin is good friends with Alex, though the competition between the two pilots has the potential to boil over.

Duggie Wingate - Bernard Cribbins

Veteran mechanic and great uncle to Gavin, Duggie's part of the furniture at Finchmere. He sees Molly as his nemesis for an incident many years ago. Is there any truth in his slur?


Stephanie King - Laila Rouass

The enigmatic wife of Bernard, Stephanie is attractive, meek, and ordered. She runs a spa at a country hotel and has little interest in Finchmere and the world of flying.


Bernard King - Chris Nightingale

The meticulous, determined, co-owner of Finchmere. He has the abilities to rub people up the wrong way.


Sally Jackson - Lucy Phelps

Stephanie's chirpy receptionist, Sally is sweet, funny and loves a gossip.


Giles and Laura Wilding - Geoffrey Whitehead and Jacqueline King

Giles is Kate's father and a successful ex-surgeon who can be overbearing and insensitive at times. Kate's protective mother Laura has become exasperated by Giles since he retired and sees Kate's home as a mini-sanctuary.