Detailed Synopsis

When a man's naked body is discovered in the centre of a crop circle, DCI Tom Barnaby laughs off tales of alien abduction. But as more corpses are discovered - each bearing peculiar injuries - it's up to him to uncover who is responsible, or if extra-terrestrial powers are truly at work in Midsomer.



The discovery of a man's naked body in the centre of a crop circle brings UFO fans flocking to Midsomer Parva and the field owned by Sir Harry Chatwyn (John Woodvine). With a hole at the base of the spine, a chunk of hair missing, burn marks and a terrified expression, the corpse bears all the hallmarks of alien abduction.


DCI Tom Barnaby (John Nettles) and Sergeant Gavin Troy (Daniel Casey) think stories of flying saucers are a smoke-screen for murder, but extra-terrestrial expert Lloyd Kirby (Kenneth Colley) is convinced otherwise. Lloyd is brought in for questioning but former diplomat Sir Christian Aubrey (Alec McCowen) vouches for his honesty.


A post-mortem confirms electrocution, but the victim is a London criminal with no interest in the countryside or aliens. Then the body of a local burglar is found in a crop circle with an identical set of injuries.


There are also plenty of earthly goings-on in Midsomer Parva. Sir Harry shares a mistress, doctor's receptionist Sally Boulter (Amanda Mealing), with his daughter Lucy's (Daisy Bates) husband. As a third victim is discovered, Barnaby must discover who is responsible - or if extra-terrestrial powers are truly at work.