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A cycle road race reaches its thrilling finale as Greg Eddon overtakes team­-mate Mitch McCordell to win. Team DJM owner Des McCordell is annoyed that Greg disobeyed his team orders and rival team manager Reece Dexter is bitterly disappointed his team lost. As Greg warms down, an unseen assailant throws him from his bike and moves in for the kill&ldots;


The Barnabys are picnicking and competing over Betty's first word when news comes of the murder. In the cycle camp, Nelson explains to Barnaby that victim Greg overtook team poster boy Mitch as the race leader. Race official Damien Lamerat and local organiser Mary Appleton offer their cooperation and Des outlines the stakes when he tells Barnaby this race is make or break for the cyclists. Nelson clocks tensions in Team DJM between Mitch and his girlfriend, masseuse Kim, and cyclist Aiden and his girlfriend, mechanic Amber. Mitch tells Nelson that Ravondale are DJM's ruthless rivals as Kim and Amber chat about their relationship strife. Meanwhile Damien's partner, entrepreneur Joanna Stockerton, tells Barnaby that local carver Gerry Bleacher is an opponent of the race, and at his stall by the market fair, Gerry warns Sarah that "people die" because of it. Aiden and Mitch are shocked by Des's insistence they carry on racing. Mary is with boyfriend Jez when she gets a threatening package with a cow's heart and a note saying "I know what you did".


Kam reveals Greg was poisoned but suggests it could've been an attempted sabotage gone wrong, prompting Barnaby to order that all the cyclists are drug tested. Mary realises some important papers are missing. Mitch is nervous about the imminent drug tests. Then Barnaby and Nelson discover that Aiden sent Greg threatening texts. A worried Aiden is interviewed until Des comes to his aid, dismissing the texts as training ground banter. Nelson then learns that Amber was seen kissing Greg. Amber admits to the affair and confirms that Aiden knew about it. The McCordells unravel as Aiden falls out with Mitch and Des, and Reece tries to woo Aiden to Ravondale. Damien is attacked and his office is ransacked. Barnaby discovers the blood tests he ordered were destroyed in the break­-in. Damien tells Barnaby he told no one where the tests were but then asks Joanna to shred some papers. Meanwhile Kam links the spanner involved in Greg's murder to Reece. Reece denies murder and accuses Damien of corruption, and Nelson finds out Reece has signed Aiden to his team. Aiden leaves the McCordells, telling Mitch he knows his secret, only to be murdered in the team workshop shortly afterwards, attacked with a bicycle chain.


Nelson gets a fresh lead when he learns that DJM's sponsorship relied on Mitch winning and that Des has money troubles, only to discover team sponsor Joanna is obsessed with Mitch. Mitch proposes to Kim. Meanwhile on the green, Mary unveils a plaque to celebrate the race only to find the word "murderer" on it. The paint links to Gerry who is arrested and reveals that Jez's wife, Judith, was blamed for an accident at the first race in which she was killed. Alone with Jez, Mary admits to scapegoating Judith, and Jez reveals himself to be her tormentor. Barnaby and Nelson arrive to save Mary but Jez merely wanted her confession.


Nelson saves an unconscious Des from being gassed in his trailer as Barnaby, with the race imminent, draws the suspects together to reveal the killer.